Q: Tell me about who you are, what you do, and your Why. 
A: My name is T.J. Kinnison, and I own/operate a business called Speak Your Kind. I had a broken piece in my heart and spent at least 1,000 years searching for a repair. I feared there were no cookies with my fortune inside and no unturned stone with my message hiding. Then a beautiful thing happened, and my heart burst wide open. From that explosion – Speak Your Kind was born! It’s a communications consulting business that allows people to express themselves in their voice, with my words. I’d said many times before that “if I could pick any job in the history of everything, I’d choose to write love letters for people.” When I realized it wasn’t just about writing love letters, but about writing letters of love –  my mission was clear!

I help make sure nothing that needs saying ever goes unsaid because someone lost their voice, or their way.

Whether it’s writing, or in conversation, I am a solution for those who have a difficult time getting what’s in their head into the world. Sometimes, it’s because they just don’t enjoy writing or have the time. And sometimes, it’s because people have a difficult time expressing themselves to do their own stories justice.

It must be awful for those who have love, apologies, drive and ambition, or stories of any kind, trapped inside their minds with no way to share their truth. What an honor it is to act as a medium for those who need their stories told and lack the words with which to do it.

Q: How are you tapping into your Ellivate Alliance membership?
A: Every way I can! The connections I’ve made have been invaluable. I also get a great deal from Office Hours. During these calls, I learn from our Dream Team members and from the other Alliance women. Starting a business is scary! All these things I don’t know, and I don’t know what I don’t know. All the decisions I have to make, and leaps I have to take. Office Hours are a great reminder that I’m not the only leaper, the only dreamer, the only one doing hard things. These women remind me I can do hard things!

Q: What has been the most valuable aspect of your Ellivate Alliance membership so far?
Most definitely the collection of beautiful souls that are the women of the Alliance! There is a fine line between fear and excitement – these women help me remember which side of that line gets me to my goals. I mentioned scary, right? This whole “chasing huge dreams with a tiny butterfly net that may, or may not, have a butterfly sized hole in it.” It’s easy to spin out on my ever growing to-do list, and these women constantly remind me those to-do list items are stepping stones to my dreams being realized and how exciting that is!

Q: What are you most excited about with respect to the Ellivate Alliance?
A: Its existence! I’m looking forward to the growth of the Alliance because I know how it changes lives. You know something is really excellent when you like it just as it is. Which means more of it just makes it that much better! I’m excited about the collective “can-do” attitude it holds and, in turn, encourages in me. I’m excited about the opportunities it presents and, just as importantly, what it allows me to give! I can’t wait to see the magic spread!