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Elevating the collective impact of women entrepreneurs

The Ellivate Alliance is an alliance of women entrepreneurs who want to maximize our positive impact in the world. Through the power of collaboration, the Ellivate Alliance provides women business owners the inspiration, practical know-how and like-minded community to accelerate their growth. We simplify your business and your life by providing education, coaching and access to high-quality resources in one easy place, at an affordable price.

Why work with a woman entrepreneur?

When a woman entrepreneur is empowered, she empowers others. Together, we are changing the way business is done…we are changing the world.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead


What Our Members Are Saying…

“Being in the Alliance has helped me understand that just because I am the only owner of my firm, it doesn’t mean I have to experience everything alone. We all celebrate our wins together and lean on each other when we are having tough times. I’m not sure where I would be without all of the Ellivate Alliance members!”

Marisela Bateman, CPA, MBA
Owner, Bateman Accounting & Consulting, LLC

“I am a new member, and already I have found what the women in this group have to offer so valuable. It’s great to come across other entrepreneurs who are ready to share what they have learned along the way in their own personal journeys.”

Leandra Blei
Owner, Leandra Blei Photography

“I think I’m most excited about facing challenges with these women by my side. These leaders have already fought similar battles and won these wars. They give me a sense of hope, a sense of courage. They are living proof that I can succeed. Knowing they’ve tackled the scary (but way more exciting and rewarding) world of entrepreneurship, I’m reassured that the only way I’m going to fail is forward.”

Kristen DiFolco, CPA
Owner, Viaggio Partners

“I’m looking forward to the growth of the Alliance because I know how it changes lives. You know something is really excellent when you like it just as it is. I’m excited about the collective ‘can-do’ attitude it holds and, in turn, allows in me. I’m excited about the opprotunities it presents and, just as importantly, what it allows me to give! I can’t wait to see the magic spread!”

T.J. Kinnison
Owner, Speak Your Kind

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