How to Escape the Comparison Game


Do you ever compare yourself or your business to others? Have you ever been impressed by someone, yet soon your admiration shifts to tallying up the ways you fall short of their example? Do

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Trust your instinct to connect


By Emily Soccorsy Ellivate Alliance Dream Team Member Co-founder, Root + River Defier. Woman. Mother. A friend was recently interviewing for a job. After completing the first interview, the committee told him

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Emotion is a superpower


By Emily Soccorsy Ellivate Alliance Dream Team Member Co-founder, Root + River Defier. Woman. Mother. I still think about that day at least once a month. It was probably 15 years ago.

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Collaboration Station: Sister Service Swap!


One of the things I love about the Ellivate Alliance is how it brings like-minded professional women together from across the country and makes it so easy for us to support one other

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Collaboration Station: Road to Hope


What would a responsible business owner do? That was what Ellivate Dream Teamer Mariette Martinez asked at the inaugural Ellivate Immersion retreat in January 2018. I was one month away from retiring from

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Collaboration Station: Owning Our Worth


Ellivate Alliance has always felt like a place to connect with long-time friends. Asks, offers, celebrations, and setbacks are met with love and support in all forms. The collaboration that unfolded for Mariette Martinez and

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Collaboration Station: Coaching Connection


In our third Collaboration Station, Dream Team member Kyla Martin shares how the Ellivate Alliance brought about a magical coaching connection. Although we both live in the Dallas area, I didn’t meet Puneeta Dighe

Collaboration Station: Coaching Connection2019-10-23T22:09:31+00:00
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