Who are you?

My name is Suzanne Daniels, and I am the owner and manager of Brentwood Social House in Austin, TX. It’s a neighborhood coffee house that seeks to connect souls, create community and nourish the body.

What do you do?

A coffee shop is an easy way to be a “third space” between work and home. It allows people to come together and sit still and be present, while removing the daily distractions of the things you “should be doing” at work or home.

Brentwood Social House is a place for people to connect, relax and spend quality time together. We sell coffee and tasty treats for you to enjoy while you are there, but first and foremost, it’s a community space for people to connect with one another.

We host events (Bridal and wedding showers, painting classes, afternoon tea service, live music, puppet shows, bubble festivals, and more!) and are family-focused. We recently added a playscape in the backyard for people who want to bring kiddos!

People find us because they are searching for a place to create joy and love in our world, and it’s one of the things I am proudest of – to have created a space where everyone is welcome to be who they are.

It’s an amazing feeling to have this place people love being a part of. If you are reading this and looking for a space to host an event, meet people for work or conversation or even want to discuss starting your own coffee shop – I look forward to hearing from you! I believe there are endless pieces of pie to go around, and allowing others to create more joy is something I want to be a part of.

What is your Why?

For many years, I wanted to own a coffee shop. I didn’t know how much bigger this dream would grow as the business grew. I just liked the idea of selling coffee and creating a lovely space to do it. But, as the business has grown, I continue to uncover my deep desire to connect people with one another and themselves.

I believe you can bring humanity and love to a for-profit business. I knew I wanted to create this in a brick and mortar space, specifically. I know that a space can have a loving feeling in its walls, and I want to create more of that – for my customers, my team, myself and my family! We create an environment where people feel welcome and comfortable to rise up and be their best. When people thank me for “being here,” I know I am following the right dream!

What is the most valuable aspect of your Ellivate Alliance Membership?

To have so many wonderful women in the same place that want the same things for themselves and one another is truly a gift.

Ellivate provides a community of like-minded, supportive, brilliant women who share heart! We all want the world to be a better place in the wake of our collective success, and the resources (between our online community, Office Hours, and more!) are outstanding!