Our Founder – Sarah Elliott, PCC, CPA

Sarah Elliott, Founder of Ellivate Alliance

Sarah’s entrepreneurial journey began before she even knew it was happening. The seeds were planted when she thought she had finally “made it” as a successful partner at a CPA firm in 2013. But when she finally achieved what she had set out to do thirteen years earlier, she felt something was missing.

In the summer of 2014, she took a leap of faith and walked away from a great job…while she was 5 months pregnant. It seemed like a rash decision, especially for someone who used to say she could never walk away from the security of a salaried job. But she knew it was the only choice…there was something else she needed to do.

Today, Sarah is an author, speaker and instructor coaching and leadership development. She co-founded Intend2Lead to coach leaders to access the Dimension of Possible through leadership coaching, group learning and consulting with organizations to create coaching cultures. She has been recognized by AICPA and CPA Practice Advisor as one of the 25 Most Powerful Women in Accounting since 2017.

Sarah is at her best when she dreams big, takes risks, gives of herself and collaborates with others who share her vision and values. She loves connecting people, ideas, resources and opportunities in powerful new ways.

Sarah has always enjoyed connecting with other women and supporting their growth, whether it’s through her work or volunteerism in her profession and community. She’s passionate about supporting other women because she knows that each and every woman has unlimited potential for greatness when she simply awakens to her own creative powers. When a woman uncovers more of her greatness, she is inspired to help others. Not only will she contribute more to her family, friends, organization and community…she will change the world.

Our Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board is a team of powerful women business owners dedicated to sharing their time, talents and wisdom to further the mission and vision of Ellivate Alliance.

Megan Alarid – Megan’s passion is helping business owners grow and achieve their goals. As the founder of Heightened Leaders, she works closely with entrepreneurs to implement practical, proven operating systems that help business owners simplify, clarify and achieve their vision.

Leandra Blei – Leandra is a creative portrait and headshot artist in Austin, Texas. Her favorite subjects include women ages young to wise, modern men and food that invites cultural experiences through flavors. Leandra also volunteers her time and photography skills to document contemporary Latinx culture. Some of her work has been added to the permanent collection at the Mexic-Arte Museum in downtown Austin, an art exhibit of Latinx Resistance.

Mariette Martinez, EA – After 20+ years working alongside small businesses as an Accountant/Advisor, Mariette evolved from a practitioner to an educator and mentor. In 2020, Mariette founded MasterYourBooks, a learning center that educates intentional, service-based entrepreneurs who are ready to build their business and financial literacy from the inside out. Mariette also partners with and educates alongside small business champions and educators who share her mission to leave no small business behind.

Emily Soccorsy – As the co-founder of Root + River, Emily believes that branding is first a spiritual exercise. She collaborates with entrepreneurs to build brands rich with meaning and connection and coaches them to share their core truth with the world by enhancing the effectiveness of marketing collateral and social media strategy.

Kristi Vitali, PT, LMT – As the founder and co-creative director of Be Well Austin, and creator of BodyMind Alchemy, Kristi believes that the body is a self correcting system that articulates deep wisdom, and that when we learn the language of this connective wisdom we can engage in healing conversations with our body, heart, mind, and soul. Kristi delights in integrating heart-centered myofascial bodywork with personal mentorship & coaching to assist in unpacking patterns that lead to pain and emotional overwhelm. She is passionate about working with wisdom-curious seekers who are willing to get a bit uncomfortable and see pain as a portal to self-discovery, who are fully committed to the adventure of lifetime learning, and who desire to take the deeper dive toward self-love and personal truth as a means to show up more fully for themselves and in the world.