In a world of chaos, here’s why I feel hope


How are you feeling these days? The word “heavy” best describes how I’ve been feeling the past month. We are living in the great unknown. We are living in a state of chaos, where

In a world of chaos, here’s why I feel hope2020-09-21T23:21:16+00:00

Navigating the Unknown


My body was shaking. Fear took over my body and mind. I suddenly noticed how alone I felt. I wondered, “Will my next step be my last?” It was October 2018 – the first

Navigating the Unknown2020-09-17T15:55:57+00:00

How to Escape the Comparison Game


Do you ever compare yourself or your business to others? Have you ever been impressed by someone, yet soon your admiration shifts to tallying up the ways you fall short of their example? Do

How to Escape the Comparison Game2020-08-25T15:44:53+00:00

Creating change in our corner of the world


The recent tragic deaths of Black Americans at the hands of law enforcement are shining the light for many of us on systemic racism that has been deeply rooted in our culture for centuries. This needless loss of

Creating change in our corner of the world2020-07-17T13:17:11+00:00

We’re Here to Shine the Light


*** Given all the uncertainty going on right now, I asked myself a question similar to one many other business owners are grappling with: “Should we continue with our April Ellivate Immersion?” It didn’t

We’re Here to Shine the Light2020-05-21T17:06:56+00:00

All Day, Every Day LOVE


Happy (early) Valentine's Day! This month, many of us will celebrate the magic of love on Valentine's Day! At the Ellivate Alliance, we celebrate love all day, every day! In fact, love is at the

All Day, Every Day LOVE2020-01-31T14:34:40+00:00

Making It Up As We Go


Happy New Year! Welcome to 2020 and a new decade!! But, is it really a new decade? There’s a lot of debate about whether or not we just kicked off a new decade.

Making It Up As We Go2020-01-27T04:35:52+00:00

Making a List: Your 2019 Gift to YOU!


Whether or not you chose to join the 21-Day Vision Quest movement on Thanksgiving Day, I highly encourage you to make the most of this holiday season! Block out some time on your

Making a List: Your 2019 Gift to YOU!2020-01-27T04:35:58+00:00
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