Who are you?

My name is Melissa Taylor and I own ekMEDIA. I am a graphic designer, a dog lover and fun fact – I’m a beekeeper!

Many years ago, I was frustrated with my full-time job because the boys got all the “good jobs” and the girls got… the other ones. Back in 1998, no one was really doing web design yet, but the internet was becoming more mainstream.  I taught myself HTML and the basics of web design…it was a game-changer! I started working on freelance projects at night and loved the creativity so much that it felt like I finally got one of the good jobs!

I am traditionally not a big risk taker, but I quit my job on a whim and, well…I’ve now owned my business for 21 years!

What do you do?

I’m a graphic and website designer who builds WordPress websites, creates marketing materials and printed items (e.g., post cards, flyers, etc.), and provides customizable design and website maintenance for clients.

I can manage everything from print to website design, including where to host your site, the backend technology and launching a website. Once a client provides me with the content and details, I make the rest happen! I like to take care of everything I can for my clients, so they feel the relief of taking those projects off their plate.

I also provide an hour of online training with my website creation packages to teach clients how to maintain their website on their own, if they want to do that. I also provide monthly maintenance when clients don’t want to do this themselves, or they just can’t find the time.

What is your Why?

Even after all these years, I still describe myself as a designer (not a web developer) because the design is where I thrive and find joy! I love puzzles, patterns and learning, so designing websites suits me very well!

Most of my clients are small businesses. I love working with business owners directly, but also – I am a small business owner. I have a deep understanding that you must present yourself to the public in a way that allows you to find, and best serve, your clients – especially when you are looking for the ideal fit!

I want my clients to succeed! Their success is my success and vice versa. If my clients aren’t friends when they hire me, they tend to become my friend. When I have a client end their emails with “Love you, xo” I know I’ve done an excellent day’s work!

What is the most valuable aspect of your Ellivate Alliance Membership?

The types of women the Alliance brings together are such powerful, intelligent, kind, supportive women. Even as an introvert, I’m able to connect with these women through Office Hours and through our private, online community. I’m looking forward to exploring the benefits the Alliance has to offer because I know there is even more to take advantage of!