Christine Lehmann isthe CEO and founder of Elearning Delta

Who are you?

My name is Christine Lehmann, and I am the CEO and founder of Elearning Delta. I have 2 daughters in college (how wonderful and treacherous!), and I really enjoy being involved in local musical theatre and dance classes!

I’ve been in educational publishing for 30 years. I own a textbook development firm, and we work with educational publishers. I wanted to expand outside that industry and work more in the business sector, so started shifting to E-learning development.

I didn’t set out to be an entrepreneur, but when I look at what I’ve learned in my business so far and what I still want to accomplish, I’m so glad life had this plan in mind for me!

What do you do?

Elearning Delta is a comprehensive E-learning company. We set up learning management systems (LMS), including the subsequent maintenance and user support for our clients, and we also provide online course creation services.

When I started my first E-learning company, I was experienced in managing operations and client relations, but I wasn’t as confident on the technology side. The rapid rate of technology expansion in E-learning sent me in search of a Chief Technology Officer, and I found my technologically brilliant business partner, Deltina Hay!

We love helping companies navigate the vast field of E-learning platforms (LMSs). We give our clients a worry-free process by helping them confidently navigate LMS choices, setup and maintenance.

We strongly believe in blended learning. We’re not looking to replace human teaching and connection. Instead, we’ve found that providing foundational training online allows trainers to better mentor their teams and continue the learning in-person.

Thanks to our talented team of amazing writers, virtual reality partners, animators and videographers, we adapt a company’s training content for the online environment and make it engaging and enjoyable!

What is your Why?

I didn’t choose entrepreneurship, it chose me. Working with educational publishers was a 70 hours a week commitment. When I was pregnant with my first daughter, I started searching for a different job. I received one small contract on my own, which turned into several. Then I received requests to create a company so I could handle larger contracts. Before I knew it…I was starting a business!

I feel great joy when I align my talents and resources to create education that feels unique and fun. We all have to learn new things, and when we can learn in new, innovative, engaging ways, we all succeed!

We also have grand philanthropic dreams for the business! I’m constantly introduced to artists who don’t know how to market themselves. They are the expert in their field, but there is only one of them to share their information, education and passion for their craft with others. Using our services, they can essentially replicate themselves and expand their impact, allowing for growth that provides for security and a retirement plan.

What is the most valuable aspect of your Ellivate Alliance Membership?

Being part of a community of such brilliant, impressive, influential women is so wonderful! I not only have a place to ask questions – I know the quality of the answers and resources provided will be outstanding, and they come from women who really want to help me! Ellivate reminds us that none of us are in this alone – we’re in it together!

Ellivate is unique in its own right. It’s so refreshing to combine passion with business! You can’t find this in most business groups, yet it’s so needed in this world.