Last month, I got to spend a glorious week in Sedona for our annual Ellivate Expand retreat!! There are no words for the magic and transformation I experienced and witnessed during our time together.

During the retreat, we came up with a new name to call ourselves – the Ellivators! Just like elevators, we’re always moving on up!! Since we do this together, it’s less labor-intensive and a lot more fun than taking the stairs! 😉

During these precious days in the desert, we slowed down to reconnect with ourselves and nature. We experienced breakthroughs, moved our bodies, made new discoveries, healed what was ready to be healed, celebrated joyfully, and laughed together so hard my stomach hurt! We did all this while consciously working on our businesses.

My heart is overflowing with love and gratitude for each of you, and a special gratitude shout-out goes to our incredible Advisory Board (with me in the photo above, from left to right: Kristi Vitali, Mariette Martinez, Emily Soccorsy, and Fatima Mann) for contributing their wisdom, leadership and love to make this such a transformative experience for us.

For your growth and reflection this month, I want to share some beautiful words from our own authors and Ellivate sisters, Emily Soccorsy and Jenn Todling, that they wrote upon their return from Sedona:

  • In Emily’s article, How Do You Bookmark Your Life?, she reflects on the importance of stepping away on a regular basis to witness our growth and expansion as business owners.
  • In Jenn’s article, Inspire Me, she explores the magic of wonder and play to unlock inspiration.

Based on what I witnessed in Sedona, it’s clear to me that we are on fire when it comes to fulfilling our mission to amplify and activate feminine power so we can co-create a collective future!

Thank you for your support of and interest in Ellivate. Together, we are changing the world through the power of community! 💜

With deep love and gratitude,

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