Trust your instinct to connect


By Emily Soccorsy Ellivate Alliance Dream Team Member Co-founder, Root + River Defier. Woman. Mother. A friend was recently interviewing for a job. After completing the first interview, the committee told him

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We’re Here to Shine the Light


*** Given all the uncertainty going on right now, I asked myself a question similar to one many other business owners are grappling with: “Should we continue with our April Ellivate Immersion?” It didn’t

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Collaboration Station: Sister Service Swap!


One of the things I love about the Ellivate Alliance is how it brings like-minded professional women together from across the country and makes it so easy for us to support one other

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Collaboration Station: Road to Hope


What would a responsible business owner do? That was what Ellivate Dream Teamer Mariette Martinez asked at the inaugural Ellivate Immersion retreat in January 2018. I was one month away from retiring from

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Collaboration Station: Owning Our Worth


Ellivate Alliance has always felt like a place to connect with long-time friends. Asks, offers, celebrations, and setbacks are met with love and support in all forms. The collaboration that unfolded for Mariette Martinez and

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Collaboration Station: Coaching Connection


In our third Collaboration Station, Dream Team member Kyla Martin shares how the Ellivate Alliance brought about a magical coaching connection. Although we both live in the Dallas area, I didn’t meet Puneeta Dighe

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Why Womxn Talk Money?


In our second Collaboration Station, Ellivate member Madeline Pratt shares the story of how she identified a problem in the accounting industry and tapped into the power of collaboration to solve it. In June

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