Who are you?

My name is Liz Mason. I live in Arizona with my husband, Rian, and two and a half year old son, August, and I am an incurable adventurer! This colors both my personal and professional life – which means a lot of exciting travel and an array of businesses spanning accounting, tax and Human Resources/Operations consulting.

I started High Rock to create an accounting company with a business model that, at the time, had never been done before. At High Rock, we help businesses succeed by utilizing cutting edge technology to provide accounting solutions that increase business efficiency and competitiveness.

Rebel Rock was created to provide support, stability and confidence through accounting assistance for cannabis clients. I also founded The Tax Department, and Takle (website coming soon!).

No matter the business, we research and implement the most innovative and efficient technology solutions, specifically tailored for each client.

What do you do?

I build companies and people.

At High Rock, we love working with individually-held companies, particularly in the technology and service industries.  When someone is looking to make their life easier and help their business grow, we know we can provide the next level of technology and individualized service they need.

As for building people – I strive to create environments where people can enjoy their lives and create great career paths for themselves.

It took me a number of years to understand the power of positivity. I started my career in a negative environment where praise went to the people who identified what was wrong. It affected my mindset. My natural mindset is incredibly optimistic, and the presence of constant negativity caused me to rebel – both mentally and physically. When I shifted my mindset to my more natural, positive state, I experienced fewer migraines and started seeing possibilities to create businesses that serve both our clients and our teams!

What is your Why?

My Why has adapted over time. At one point, I would have said it was “world domination.” But, now, my Why is to make a positive impact and leave a legacy. My primary purpose is to understand how I can help my clients with what they need.

Everyone has unique talents in this world, and I believe each individual leaves a legacy in their own way. When you focus on people’s strengths and allow them to explore where their strengths overlap with what they enjoy, beautiful things happen!

Being an entrepreneur requires so much hard work! You have to be a little crazy (and just arrogant enough!) to ask yourself the hard questions and consistently answer yourself in a positive way for weeks, months, even years…but it’s more than worth it!

What is the most valuable aspect of your Ellivate Alliance Membership?

I love knowing there is a group of highly intelligent, motivated, bad-ass women at my back! I know if I need a service, this incredible network of women is eager to help me.

Ellivate has such an incredibly diverse, brilliant-minded, open group of female entrepreneurs that I will support, and be supported by, in any way that I can!