Who are you?

Sometimes I laugh when I get questions like this! The simple answer is: My name is Susan Stutzel and I am a Leadership Coach and CPA. I prefer the more complex answer, though.

When my daughter was in kindergarten, she was asked what she wanted to be when she grew up. Her answer was so thoughtful and insightful. She wanted to be a mom, teacher, doctor, artist and a “CPA like her Mom.” When I think of her response, I’m reminded that we are each so many things, and no one thing defines us.

I am a leadership coach and CPA. I am also a wife, mom, teacher, mentor, coach and friend. I am all of these things at once and bring each of these aspects of myself into everything I do.

What do you do?

The focus of my CPA practice is consulting and auditing for non-profit organizations. I grew to love the non-profit world because they have such passion for their missions. Notably, this allowed me to discover my passion for exactly that – passion!

As a leadership coach, I work with female business leaders and entrepreneurs who bring passion to their work and life. Women, in particular, are frequently confined by self-imposed (and often, widely accepted) barriers, which often create limiting beliefs. We are constantly trying to “make it all work,” and the many roles we simultaneously play can feel overwhelming.

I help women recognize that obstacles are not permanent and breakthrough is achievable and real. I truly believe that anything is possible, and sometimes we need someone to join us in the journey to manage priorities so we can live our most abundant and meaningful lives.

Climbing the mountain in front of you can seem impossible, but the view from the top is breathtaking. Coaching allows you to work with someone who wants your dreams to come true and holds you accountable for the step-by-step progress that will incrementally improve your life!

What is your Why?

It may sound silly, but I feel like I am living the dream…and I want everyone to feel this way! One of the primary reasons I’m able to live this beautiful life is because I’ve worked with coaches who helped me get comfortable with discomfort and supported me along the way.

We all need the power to erase the lines of these boxes we paint ourselves into and reach for the change we want. I want to guide everyone I meet into their potential because this is where joy lives! When you live every day with the right mindset and your goals at the forefront, you can see much more of the beauty ahead and less of the stumbling pebbles in the road. Overcoming these pebbles is still necessary, and it certainly requires work, but knowing where you’re going gives you the momentum to conquer them.

Every day is a new opportunity to refresh your perspective and focus on the life you want, and all the work and joy that entails. I am a leadership coach because my joy is in helping others find their joy and live their dream lives, too.

What is the most valuable aspect of your Ellivate Alliance Membership?

There is so much! No matter the challenge or phase of entrepreneurial growth I face, one of the Ellivate women has been there, is there now, or is going to be there. We all share in the struggle (and success!), together.

I typically avoid using words like “authentic” because they can feel commonplace due to overuse. But sometimes, it’s just the only word that will do! Ellivate is an amazing group of authentic women who are champions for one another! The connections we make are so powerful, and the resources of Ellivate are endless.