Who are you?
My name is Sarah Webb. I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, volunteer, and I run Plaid For Women. I am also the creator of the #NoMeanGirls in school program. I’m incredibly proud to be part of something that I truly believe will teach women and girls to lift one another up.

What do you do?
Plaid for Women is a multi-media platform that provides meaningful content for women. Collectively, we create a space for women to come together and share unique perspectives on topics ranging from business and motherhood, to health and inspiration. Our goal is to create stronger bonds between women through the content we provide.

We focus on diversity in thought, race, religion, sexual orientation, etc., and we use this inclusivity to Build Confidence, Create Empathy, and Prevent Bullying.

Through blogs, podcasts and videos, we aim to encourage women to love themselves, support one another, and empower one another. In this spirit, Plaid is dedicated to building a culture of “No Mean Girls.”

Our 2018 #NoMeanGirls women’s conference takes place Sept. 21st and 22nd in Southlake, TX. The conference will inspire, promote, and engage women supporting other women. Our wonderful speakers and breakout sessions will leave you feeling uplifted personally, professionally, and mentally!

What is your Why?
As women, we wear multiple hats and do multiple jobs at all times. Plaid for Women focuses on the business of life. We talk about hard stuff – mental illness, careers, money, bullying, and about everything that is affecting women today.

Men have not necessarily held us back, but I think they sometimes benefit when we make it easier for them to rise by putting each other down. I believe that girls hold unlimited potential! The more we can build them up, the more we support goodness in the world.

How do you tap into your Ellivate Membership? What is the most valuable aspect for you?
I took part in the first virtual Ellivate Immersion, and it was amazing! I really liked being able to connect with people from all different places who do different things. The most valuable aspect is the collaboration. Ellivate Alliance gives me the ability to collaborate with women who all want the best for one another. We are all here to help one another – it’s not a competition. We can all support one another and all succeed!

I am most excited about meeting new people and that we are adding new people all the time! These women are doing great things, and I get to be part of their development. I really enjoy celebrating others, and Ellivate gives me space and reason to do that for so many different women!