Who are you?
My name is Sara Reichardt, and I am the owner and operator of Sara Reichardt Design. I am an artist, a designer, and a maker. I’m striving to create unique furniture, textiles and décor. As a brand, I am modern, playful, and colorful. I am working to put the FUN in functional!

What do you do?
I worked in various roles over several years, but just couldn’t quite find the right fit for me

Once I determined that starting my business was the best way to create the career I wanted, I was excited to build a brand and engage long term customers and clients by using my passions to bring beauty to their lives in a FUNctional way!

I design furniture and am working on textile designs. In the future, I plan to have décor and art installations. I am working on my first art installation now, which will be a large light installation, and I’m really excited about it! While I have a background in various arts, I don’t have much experience with lights yet. I have a lot of “tools” in my toolbox already, but I love learning new things and am really looking forward to this new adventure!

What is your Why?
I have a ton of ideas bouncing around in my head all the time, and I have this compelling need to get them out in the world. I have always gravitated towards art and design, and I tend to get bored with things I can figure out too easily. Art is different for me. It allows me to stay engaged and driven to complete the project and have something tangible come to fruition from the ideas in my mind. This is my Why – to continue growing by challenging myself and making beautiful things.

What is the most valuable aspect of your Ellivate Alliance membership?
It’s such a great resource for people! I’ve met so many wonderful people who have connected me to others that have helped me make my business happen! It’s also really great to be part of a community of women, putting themselves out there, making a go of it. Being a solopreneur, this allows me comradery that I wouldn’t otherwise have.

What are you most excited about?
I’m most excited about supporting the other Ellivate women! I look forward to building lasting friendships with these women – championing their successes and witnessing their progress as they build their businesses and follow their dreams!