Who are you?

My name is Puneeta Dighe. I never really gave “Who I am” much thought until I started a business. There is a glass ceiling in corporate culture, for women in particular. I am a marketer by profession, and after 15 years in the industry, I was losing touch with myself, my purpose, and the answers to why I was living the life I was in. I decided to break away, take a leap, and follow my passion for fitness! I believe sweat heals, inspires, and empowers! Fitness is such a personal journey, and I want everyone on this planet to feel their healthiest!

I am also the very proud Mom of two kind, Intelligent, beautiful, girls ages 6 and 9, and am blessed with the kindest, most compassionate, human being you can imagine as my wonderful husband! I feel deep gratitude for each member of my family every single day! I am still learning who I am and look forward to what I will discover!

What do you do?

I am the owner of SWAZ Fitness and Wellness LLC. Why SWAZ? Sweat at Zero! I trained my brain to start my reps at zero, instead of one. It gives me a constant set of “extras” that helps me remember I can tackle life head on, even when the unexpected arrives! I teach my love of fitness (and sweat!) through one-on-one coaching and virtual sessions.

I want to be a part of an epidemic that prevents disease and allows people to be better instead of just “feel better.

I love the energy from sweating, eating and being well, and I want to invite individuals on their journey to loving themselves through a life of fitness!

I also started SWAZFit to help companies build healthy businesses through healthier employees. Instead of bearing the burden of bad health as a cost, I help employers use wellness and happiness as currencies for profit.

What is your Why?

I was teased as a teenager for my weight. I fell into an unhealthy lifestyle of eating “enough,” but working out even more. It was an unintentional battle with anorexia that I am grateful to say I was able to step through to a healthier lifestyle with education and self-care. I learned that skinny was not the answer, healthy was! When healthy became my goal, the rest of life fell into place – my husband, my children and a job I loved for many years. Each time I came across a new challenge, I was able to work through it with overall health and wellness at the forefront of my life.

I experienced postpartum depression after the birth of each of my beautiful daughters. I was gratefully able to work through each of these challenges by relying on my relationship with fitness and the healing it brings for my mind, body, and spirit. (There are many variations of postpartum depression and the accompanying struggles each includes, and I do understand and respect that many women struggle with challenges that exercise alone cannot resolve.)

Having a relationship with fitness creates a foundation in your mind to make exercise as much a part of your lifestyle as sleeping, working and brushing your teeth! When I realized how much I enjoy talking with people about my love of fitness and the journey I took to reclaim my health and wellness, I knew this was my path!

What is the most valuable aspect of your Ellivate Alliance Membership?

The experience I had during the Ellivate Immersion allowed me to see the importance of getting to know myself and what I need as an individual so I can be a better business owner!

I am still new to the Alliance, yet already, I have benefitted from the knowledge and expertise that comes through these women! It’s easy to go down a rabbit hole, trying to find answers on things you don’t yet know, and the Alliance provides me with a great resource to find more valuable answers faster!