Who are you?

My name is Jill Perrin, and I launched my executive coaching business, Unlocked Leadership, this year. I am a native Texan but have lived everywhere from California to Kentucky to New Jersey. I left Texas to head to business school in Boston, and returned 35 years later to Dallas as an “empty-nester,” ready for the next phase of my life!

I have been married for 24 years to a Frenchman and have two kids, a son (22) and a daughter (20). I focus first on my family, including my beloved cavapoo Coquette! I am an avid volunteer, a lifelong learner and love Broadway!

What do you do?

I’ve worked in an array of positions for several Fortune 100 corporations, from GE to American Express, over the past 30 years. 11 years ago, I shifted gears and was the fifth person hired to work for a startup called Business Talent Group, where I still sit as the Chief Talent Advisor. For about 10 years though, I’ve felt an internal tug to become an Executive Coach.

As 2018 began, I decided to stop just saying it and just do it! Working with a collection of wonderful clients as their coach and guide as they determine how to live a more fulfilling life has been such an exciting way to make this important shift in my life and career.

I am currently attending Georgetown University’s Leadership Coaching Certificate Program and will graduate with my executive coaching certificate in January 2019. I am simultaneously working towards becoming an accredited member of the International Coaching Federation, which has been a great challenge and fascinating journey!

What is your Why?

I have a special affinity for helping women find their voice, achieve better work life balance and learn to live the life they want! It’s part of my DNA to help others, and with my kids out of the house, chasing their dreams, I long to use my nurturing self to help others live their fullest lives! I am committed to being an authentic, compassionate listener to help guide individuals as they explore the trajectories of their lives, both personally and professionally.

Some of my most valuable conversations with clients have varied between “finding a seat at the table” in a work environment to stepping back from a 60-hour work week to find a better balance in life. The range of topics I get to explore with clients continues to inspire me!

What is the most valuable aspect of your Ellivate Alliance Membership?

The Humanness of it! I thrive being around intelligent business women with heart and being involved in this mutual support system of extremely competent professional women who value compassion and balance in their daily lives. Our Office Hours meetings are extremely educational (and inspiring!) and add structure to my weeks since I work from home.

The resources! I’ve been connected to such valuable resources through the Ellivate Alliance membership! Jennifer Reck provided terrific legal help with contracts and privacy notices. Nicole Linko and Melissa Taylor both helped bring my website “out of the dark ages,” got me registered with Google and guided me through other important social media items that are critical to building a new business!