Q: Tell me about who you are, what you do, and your Why. 
A: I am Dena Jansen, and I inspire others through words! Written words, spoken words, and hopefully someday words that are worn on your T-shirts!

I was a partner at a CPA firm, and while I loved the company I worked for, I’d come to realize that I had been holding my breath for what felt like a very long time. After exhaling and allowing myself to listen to the calls to follow my dreams, I decided the answer for me was to retire from my profession and start my own business.

I believe in the power of an individual to effect massive positive change for their own lives. I also believe these individual changes collectively make the world a better place! Dena Speaks has been my soul awakening and has allowed me to begin seeking opportunities “to breathe light and life into potential seeking people,” and this is my why! I took the leap to follow my dreams, and I want to inspire others to do the same.

Q: How are you tapping into your Ellivate Alliance membership?
A: It started with the Immersion weekend (which was awesome!), and I attend the Austin, in-person gatherings as well. As a new solopreneur, I’ve learned that my extroversion calls for interaction with people, and I need that for myself. I also join in on Office Hours every chance I get to stay engaged in conversations that help me keep taking steps forward as a new business owner.

I have made connections and met with a few experts who have been excited to share their expertise with me to help me grow! The Ellivate Alliance Dream Team experts are active and engaged, and they make it so easy to reach out!

Q: What has been the most valuable aspect of your Ellivate Alliance membership so far?
Community! It is so helpful to be surrounded by other strong-willed women that are professionally-minded, while also investing in their health and wellbeing. To be around people who are looking to grow professionally, as well as personally, continues to inspire me to do the same. They have all been kind, open, and real, and I need that community as a new business owner.

Q: What are you most excited about with respect to the Ellivate Alliance?
A: I am most excited about what other potential collaborations are to come! I have had the opportunity to meet with Jennifer Reck, who helped make contracts more exciting and less scary. I have collaborated with Sarah Elliott and am looking forward to another to come. I’ve also met with Jennifer Oswald and hope to find potential professional intersections with her and her business, we.moxie! I am not just excited about how these collaborations benefit me, I’m excited at potentially collaborating in ways that I can support other Ellivate Alliance Dream Team experts and members. I truly believe the more open we are and the more we share, the more opportunities are created for everyone! As we build one another individually, we become more successful and can, in turn, allow others to do the same, and that is exciting!