The core Ellivate principle we’re focusing on this quarter is Harmonious Systems:

Harmonious Systems

You should run your business (not the other way around!). Explore where you can simplify and outsource your processes, so you can spend more time in your zone of genius and run the business with more ease and grace.

To create more harmonious systems in your business, you must first evaluate which business process(es) could be better done by someone else – whether that’s through hiring someone else to do it or automating it.

How do you know when it’s time to outsource or automate a process to create more harmony in your business?

Here are 3 indicators that it’s time to outsource or automate a process:

  1. You’re spending significant time on repetitive and mundane tasks. Consider the various tasks you do for your business. Are these key tasks that only you can do? Do you enjoy doing them? If the answer to either (or both!) of these questions is no, then these tasks could be ripe for automation or outsourcing, which will free up your valuable time for more strategic, higher-value activities in your zone of genius.
  2. You aren’t quite sure what you’re doing. If you lack the necessary expertise or specialized knowledge required to perform a specific business process efficiently, outsourcing could be a fantastic option. By outsourcing to experts or professionals in the field, you can ensure that the task is handled effectively, without the need for extensive training or hiring new staff.
  3. Your business is growing rapidly. You could face scalability challenges with certain processes that are easy to do, but become more time-consuming as you grow. Outsourcing or automating these processes can provide scalability, as external service providers often have the resources and infrastructure to handle increased workloads.

Which process in your business is ready to be outsourced or automated?

Now, what’s stopping you from taking care of that today?

Here are 3 common phrases I hear from small business owners that may get in your way, too:

  1. I don’t have the money. When you’re bootstrapping your business, it can be very tempting to do everything yourself to save some money. Yet, what is that DIY mindset actually costing you? Think about all the hours you spend doing things that someone else (or a software) could do for you. What if you instead invested that time in strategy, sales, and revenue generating activities?
  2. I don’t have the time. Time often feels like a scarce resource for a small business owner, and it takes time to automate or outsource a process – time to find the right technology or person to outsource to, time to on-board, and time to transition and execute. How could you invest your time to create higher returns for your business?
  3. I’m not sure where to start. It can feel overwhelming to automate or outsource when it feels like there are endless options out there. Remember that you’re not alone! Tap into your community of business owners (like Ellivate Alliance!) to get their recommendations on software and vendors they love and share your own. Shortcut your own research time by leveraging the recommendations of those you trust.

Creating more harmony in your business requires an investment of your time and energy, and that investment will provide a huge return over time. Even when you feel you have limited time and resources, you can start small. Choose just one process to automate or outsource, and allow some time to experience the return on that investment before you move on to the next process. You’ll be surprised at how much you can get done when you create an intentional plan and hold yourself accountable for executing on that plan, one baby step at a time. You can do this!

With deep love and gratitude,

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