Another Ellivate Immersion is just around the corner! This 100% virtual program is designed to support women in building a heart-based business from the inside-out. But taking that plunge can be scary. We asked our Alliance Sisters, “Why Immersion?” This is what they said:

I promise you, it is one of the best investments you will ever make in yourself and your business. The small investment will have a return on each dollar times 100. Not only will you have access to people who are experts in their field, you will have a network of women entrepreneurs to turn to when you need help as you grow, learn, and thrive. Hands-down, there is no other investment I would recommend with so much love and belief in what it will do for you in the first year. Make the commitment to yourself – show up, share, and receive. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. I am so excited to meet you. — Robina Bennion, Founder of Robina Bennion

Entrepreneurship can seem so lonely — but Immersion gives you the structure and support you need to feel like you’re working for yourself, but not by yourself! — Kim Barnes, Founder of Barnes Team Media

Entrepreneurship can challenge you in ways you can’t even imagine at the early stages of starting out. Ellivate helps you to go in with your eyes wide open, an amazing support team and access to the knowledge and tools you need to be successful. From gaining confidence to live your dream, to the nuts and bolts of creating your business, with all the encouragement you need to make it happen.June Shrewsbury, Founder of JR Shrewsbury Coaching & Consulting

This is your chance to learn all the moving parts and entrepreneurial mindset you want to be aware of to start your journey right! Think of it as getting an MBA in entrepreneurship, supported by the kindest professional women you could hope for in just 2 weeks! There’s nothing like it anywhere! — Mariette Martinez, Mariette F. Martinez, EA

I have not only learned so much about the back-end of running a business, I have the genuine support of others who are rooting for me to succeed. — Leandra Blei, Founder of Leandra Blei Photography and B&L Creative

Because everyone deserves to believe in magic – and Ellivate will remind you that magic does exist, and that it’s already in YOU!

The collective knowledge, support, and loving enthusiasm you will experience as a member of Ellivate can only be introduced by something as equally magical, knowledgeable, supportive, and lovingly enthusiastic as Immersion!

It’s the most authentic introduction to something you will ever receive! Between Master Minds, EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) information, and the years of heart centered support and wisdom you receive from the Dream Team (and one another!) – it’s the smartest possible way you could choose to utilize that money, that time, and that energy.

It’ll change your life in ways you can’t begin to imagine until you’re in it – and once you’re in it, there is NO going back!! You are forced to be happier, smarter, and have no option but to chase your dreams! You just know (and feel) too much of the magic to avoid it any longer!

Invest in yourself and the good you can do in the world by investing in your business. You’re worth it, and we would LOVE to have you join our Tribe!! 💜 —T.J. Kinnison, Founder of Speak Your Kind