Editor’s Note: To celebrate the launch of our new Ellivate Immersion On Demand, we’re launching a spotlight series on the Immersion experience. Often times, we hear from our members that they “didn’t feel ready” to take on Immersion or weren’t sure they needed it, only to come out the other side of the experience having completely transformed their businesses and themselves. So, if you’re considering taking the plunge but aren’t quite sure, this Why Immersion series is for you!  

Plain and simple, I had an identity crisis during the Ellivate Immersion, and it drastically changed my life and my business for the better.

When I started my coaching practice, I went full steam into what I felt was a “good niche.”

During this time, a mutual contact connected me with Sarah Elliott because we both shared a passion for the same market. Little did I know what would come from that introduction. When we connected, I remember Sarah inviting me to join the Ellivate Alliance, but to do so, I must first participate in an Ellivate Immersion. While I was intrigued by the community she described, I was skeptical that it was another sales gimmick.

I felt my business was “fine,” so I didn’t think I needed the Ellivate Immersion program. I did feel the community would benefit me, and the Immersion program was the gateway to it, so I signed up, despite my doubts.

At the start of Immersion, I felt welcomed and loved by others in the program, as well as the Dream Team! The Dream Team invites everyone to “come as you are,” and they mean it. There was more than one Mastermind call where I had kids in my lap!

During this process, I began to look at my business in a whole new light. I was no longer a working from home mom with a coaching gig; I grew into the role of Business Owner and Entrepreneur.

I also began to question my purpose. During a call with Emily Soccorsy, she invited us to consider the dent we wanted to leave in the world.

I remember crying on the edge of my bed that evening as I realized the market I was serving was not the dent I wanted to leave in the world; the dent I wanted to leave in the world was much bigger than that. I also realized my passion was with a completely different niche. At this point during Immersion I knew I had to let go of all I had created in my business so I could move forward, aligned with my values, and fulfill what I was meant to accomplish in the world.

This was one of the MANY experiences I had during Immersion that helped me create my business as a thriving coaching practice for stay-at-home working moms who are juggling kids and business!

After joining the Ellivate Alliance, I also learned that, more than ever, I needed to continue to surround myself with a community of strong, compassionate, determined Entrepreneurs. So, I purchased my ticket to attend the Ellivate EVOLVE member retreat in Austin in January 2020.

Once again, I found myself welcomed with open arms. I felt the love and power of this community and could feel myself grow more into my own. I more fully embraced the new business I had created based on the awakenings I had during Immersion, and I learned additional information to help me further grow personally and professionally.

During Immersion, I wrote in my notebook, “I am grateful for the Alliance, it came at a perfect time!” This statement is just as true today as it was then!

Lara Johnson