Hello, Ellivate Alliance ally!

March is a BIG month for us – Women’s History month, International Women’s Day on March 8, and our birthday on March 16! To celebrate, we’re inviting new members to join us (for the first of only two opportunities in 2020) by attending our powerful Ellivate Immersion in April!  

Three years flew by like lightning. At the same time, I can hardly remember life without Ellivate. Our upcoming birthday has me reflecting on what inspired me to launch Ellivate.

Ellivate’s mission is to elevate women entrepreneurs. We create a space for women business owners to cultivate and enjoy the feminine aspects of leadership – creativity, adaptability, nurturing, collaboration, vulnerability, compassion and LOVE – with the masculine aspects that so many of us are already very familiar with – freedom, direction, logic, focus, integrity, stability and confidence.

As women, we were born with natural feminine aspects and grew up learning and practicing masculine aspects. I believe women are uniquely positioned to embody the conscious, evolved form of leadership that the world needs. When we embody both feminine and masculine leadership ideals in balance, we step into our true power.

I believe women business owners play a critical role in evolving consciousness in business, and the world at large. When each of us plays bigger and bolder, we invest more in ourselves, the well-being of our families and our communities, and the world changes for the better. We inspire others (regardless of gender) to embrace a more conscious, evolved style of leadership.

Our Ellivate sister, Emily Soccorsy, wrote a beautiful reflection on collaboration for the first of a 3-part series this month’s Collaboration Station. Her story is a testament to how wonderful it can feel to lean into our feminine gifts and integrate them with the masculine ways we have learned.

In celebration of Ellivate’s birthday, International Women’s Day and Women’s History this month, I invite you to reflect on these words from Thomas Berry, which beautifully sum up what the Ellivate Alliance is truly about:

“The great work of our time is to transform the human presence from one that is destructive to a mutually enhancing and nurturing presence on this planet. It’s an act of love, to wake up from the trance we’ve been caught in and re-dream the world from a place that’s more conscious, more highly evolved, more loving. Rather than a ‘you or me’ paradigm, it’s a ‘you and me’ paradigm, where you don’t have to make it at my expense, and I don’t have to make it at your expense. Instead, you and I can both make it at no one’s expenses and everyone’s benefit.” 

Just think – how might our world change, if each of us choose to step up and be a more balanced, conscious leader – to embrace a “you and me” paradigm, instead of “you or me”?

With deep love and gratitude,

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