Given all the uncertainty going on right now, I asked myself a question similar to one many other business owners are grappling with: “Should we continue with our April Ellivate Immersion?” It didn’t take long for me to discern a very clear answer – YES!!!

Why? Because the world needs Ellivate. Our mission is to elevate women entrepreneurs. We are a community of strong women business owners who embrace conscious leadership. We support women in building heart-based businesses from the inside-out, so we do not just survive, but thrive. So we can create the powerful ripples of change that are direly needed in our communities and the world at large.

The world is changing in unprecedented and unexpected ways. The collective consciousness is swimming in fear and uncertainty – many shifting to survival mode. Yet, the Ellivate Alliance mission remains as relevant as ever.

Human consciousness is in the process of making a massive shift. Over time, little by little, we lost our way. Trying to keep up with the overwhelming day-to-day demands of modern life has made it easy to (unconsciously) disconnect from ourselves, one another and what’s important.

Now, a global crisis is reminding us to go back to the basics – to wake up, to reconnect, to bring a new level of consciousness to the ways we live and work. And I believe women business owners play a critical role in elevating consciousness – not just in business, but in the world.


These “new ways” of living and working are not so new to those of us in the Alliance. We have been inspiring, teaching and supporting our women in these ways since our inception. And thanks to being a virtually-powered community, we can and will offer our April Ellivate Immersion program, as planned.

Here’s why Ellivate Immersion is needed now, more than ever:   

  • It’s time to look within and reconnect with who we are and what’s most important to us. Immersion’s thoughtful, inside-out curriculum is built on this as our foundation. We provide an opportunity to first connect with who you are and what matters most to you (before we dive into the practical how-tos) – to discern your Why and create a vision for what you want to bring to the world through your business and life.
  • It’s time to step up. Instead of diffusing energy through worry, we can channel it into creativity. This is a time for each of us to step up into our power and brilliance – to nurture the creative ideas, talents and unique gifts we’ve been given and boldly bring them to the world. They have been here all along, waiting for us to give them our time, space and energy…waiting for us to have the courage to acknowledge them. Now is a time to innovate and create possibilities for a future that will look very different than the past. And Immersion provides a safe space for you to slow down, look within and explore how you can innovate to best serve others.
  • It’s time to take action. We create the future together, through our collective actions. Rather than reacting to events, we can consciously respond. Immersion provides an opportunity to ground yourself in your Why, vision and root beliefs, so you can discern what inspired actions to take in your business.
  • It’s time to take better care of ourselves. To unleash our full potential and expand our impact, we must serve from a place of strength. During Immersion, we explore how to tap into the power of mindfulness to support you, and how you can create work-life harmony (so you’re running your business, instead of your business running you!).
  • It’s time to reconnect with one another. As humans, we have a deep, innate need for connection. As we practice social distancing for our safety and survival, we are yearning for new forms of community. Ellivate IS community – a safe space where we share vulnerability, challenges, ideas, support and encouragement. Our Immersion program is infused with opportunities to connect (via Zoom) over the course of a month, and, at the end of Immersion, you’ll be invited to join the Ellivate Alliance community.

We are here to support you, as a woman business owner, in navigating fear and uncertainty to find the light of possibility on the other side.

If you’re ready to join us, you can find the details here.

Sending you love and light,

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