April 27, 2018

In April, we hosted our first ever virtual Ellivate Immersion from April 2-10, and I’m thrilled to report it was a smashing success! A huge gratitude shout-out goes to our Dream Team for making more magic happen with our first virtual Ellivate Immersion!

Women joined us from coast to coast…from California to Miami, and all the way to the Netherlands. It was amazing to see the sense of community we can create using this virtual platform! You can check out some of the participant feedback we received below.

We delivered the same powerful content as the Ellivate Immersion Weekend last January, but in smaller, bite-sized pieces over 7 days. We explored how to uncover our Why, the spirit of our brands, and the importance of understanding and channeling our strengths into success. We learned a practical way to manage overwhelm with the Entrepreneurial Operating System. We tapped into our body’s energy to support our minds, bodies and businesses. We found the courage to be ourselves and attract the people we’re made to serve. Most importantly, we learned that we are not alone!

At the conclusion of Immersion, several women joined our tribe as new members. We look forward to getting to know these amazing women and learning how we can support their dreams.

We’re refining this virtual Immersion model based on what we’ve learned and plan to roll out the next wave of Immersion magic this summer. Please keep an eye out for more information soon!

Praise for the Ellivate Immersion

“I wish there had been something like this around when I first started my business. It might have put me on the proper path a lot sooner.”

“It was amazing to be inspired daily by amazing women, sharing trials and wins in this entrepreneurship journey.”

“The breakouts were perfect for us getting to know others in the Immersion, and the facilitators made it seem as if we were all in the room together.”

“The most valuable aspect was hearing from a variety of experts and hearing their stories of what they have learned and overcome to be where they are today.”

“I wanted to take a quick moment and tell you how valuable I thought this last week was. Your vision is clear and the execution of what you’re bringing together has made a tremendous impact on my life and those participating based on the comments I heard over the last few days.”