Our Dream Team

The Ellivate Alliance Dream Team is a team of expert instructors, facilitators, coaches and mentors that dreams right alongside our women and helps them turn their dreams into reality. We are dedicated to sharing our individual and collective wisdom and experience with all Ellivate Alliance members. We care about each and every member and are here to support her through education and mentorship. Many of us also provide members with special offers on our products and services.

Learn more about any of our Ellivate Alliance Dream Team members by clicking on her name below.

Megan Alarid – Megan’s passion is helping business owners grow and achieve their goals. As the founder of Heightened Leaders, she works closely with entrepreneurs to implement practical, proven operating systems that help business owners simplify, clarify and achieve their vision.

Kim Barnes – Kim founded Barnes Team Media to help people get comfortable and confident on camera for video, media interviews, and live-streaming. Kim leverages her 25+ years of experience as an award-winning television personality to help others boost their brand and bottom line through one-on-one consulting, group workshops and online training.

Leandra Blei – Leandra is a portrait artist, headshot and food photographer in Austin, Texas. Favorite subjects include women ages young to wise, modern men and food that invites cultural experiences through flavors. Leandra also volunteers her time and photography skills to document contemporary Latinx culture. Some of her work has been added to the permanent collection at the Mexic-Arte Museum in downtown Austin, an art exhibit of Latinx Resistance.
Sarah Elliott, PCC, CPA – Sarah founded the Ellivate Alliance to connect people, ideas and resources in a way that creates powerful new opportunities to elevate women entrepreneurs. Sarah also co-founded a leadership development firm, Intend2Lead, that partners with leaders and organizations to help them create a new Dimension of Possible through coaching, group learning and consulting to create coaching cultures. She is honored as one of the Most Powerful Women in Accounting by AICPA and CPA Practice Advisor (2017-2020).

Nicole Linko – As the founder of Exhale Technology Solutions, Nicole loves sharing the knowledge of IT with others, helping them be empowered by their tech instead of intimidated by it. Nicole and her team provide IT and website services, including setting up e-mail, creating and maintaining websites, software installations, hardware support and consulting on virtually any other technology-related issues.

Kyla Martin – As a coach and consultant (Kyla Martin Consulting), Kyla helps her clients take transformational steps to live the life they imagined. Her passion is helping women uncover and apply their purpose in life, including overcoming limitations and creating an actionable roadmap.

Mariette Martinez, EAMariette’s focus is helping entrepreneurs succeed by streamlining their financial management process through education and leveraging technology. As a mompreneur herself, Mariette believes in elevating women who are building a business while maintaining a strong household. She also is passionate about providing learning opportunities and financial solutions to the Spanish-speaking small business community.

Misty Megia – As the CEO and Creative Producer of the Theater of Marketing, Misty believes the trajectory of your career is determined by your creative voice. She helps high achieving leaders give presentations that move people profoundly. Her mission is to bring out your creative intelligence and help you solidify your leadership voice through well rounded storytelling, nailing the methaphor and technical production.

Jacqueline Rixen – As the founder of Rixen Law, Jacqueline serves as general counsel for small businesses, entrepreneurs and nonprofits. She helps with business and corporate law, entity formation, contracts, buy-sell agreements, succession planning, mergers and acquisitions, reorganizations, corporate governance, and solid legal advice.

Carri Scuba – Carri is a certified professional coach and the founder of Core Vision Concepts. She loves to work with risk takers who are willing to go outside of their comfort zone to access a level of possibility previously unimagined before. She helps entrepreneurs get out of their own way and obtain powerful new results.

Emily Soccorsy – As the co-founder of Root + River, Emily believes that branding is first a spiritual exercise. She collaborates with entrepreneurs to build brands rich with meaning and connection and coaches them to share their core truth with the world by enhancing the effectiveness of marketing collateral and social media strategy.

Amy Vetter, CPA, CITP, CGMA – Amy is an engaging, heartfelt storyteller who motivates entrepreneurs and women in business to become the authentic and cherished leaders they’re meant to be by helping them identify their purpose and mission in life and align it with the work they do. Amy is a dynamic mix of yin and yang – she is a CPA, yoga instructor, woman tech executive, third-generation female entrepreneur and honored as one of the Most Powerful Women in Accounting by CPA Practice Advisor.

Kristi Vitali, PT, LMT – Kristi is an expert myofascial release practitioner, personal development coach and yoga teacher. Kristi helps her clients recognize and release self-limiting behaviors and beliefs, as well as unconscious holding patterns in the body that can hold them back from what they want most in life. Kristi is also the founder of the Be Well Austin Center & Be Well Yoga House, which combines therapeutic body treatments with education, lifestyle coaching, yoga and mindfulness based practices to address the whole person: body, mind and spirit.