In our third Collaboration Station, Dream Team member Kyla Martin shares how the Ellivate Alliance brought about a magical coaching connection.

Although we both live in the Dallas area, I didn’t meet Puneeta Dighe until the magic of Ellivate brought us together! Puneeta and I share a love of coaching – Puneeta provides health coaching and I provide “mindset” career coaching

We first connected in Austin in January 2019 at EVOLVE, Ellivate’s first member annual retreat, and immediately set up time to have lunch once we got back to Dallas. Over lunch, we quickly realized we were kindred spirits. Both of us left long careers in corporate America to pursue our passion of serving others. We also shared some of our fears with one another, and realized we shared many of them. Despite these fears, we both know that our strength comes from our determination to live the life we each imagine for ourselves.

Puneeta and I began following each other on social media and brainstormed how we might be able to help one another.

A few months later, I received an invitation to be featured in a magazine called Voyage Dallas. My new friend and cheerleader, Puneeta, nominated me for this amazing opportunity (and she was featured in this same magazine, too!)!! I am so grateful – not just for the opportunity to be featured in this article, but for Puneeta’s faith in me and my business!

Since then, I’ve really enjoyed attending Puneeta’s local fitness classes, and she’s also providing me with some health coaching. We’re excited to have another upcoming lunch on our calendars where we’ll be discussing creating a collaborative coaching partnership that would combine health and mindset coaching! More to come soon on that exciting endeavor!

Kyla Martin, founder of Kyla Martin Coaching & Consulting