Ellivate members with John Henry McDonald: Kristi Vitali, TJ Kinnison, Sarah Elliott, John Henry McDonald, Julie Hutchinson and Kim Barnes

October 31, 2018

An Evening to remember! Sarah’s dear friend and mentor, John Henry McDonald, gave us such an incredible evening on October 30th at Ellivate Dream Team member Kristi Vitali’s Be Well Austin (special thanks to Kristi and her husband, Cole Harmonson, for hosting this special evening!)!

John Henry inspired us all with his rags to riches story. He was once a homeless man with no money, no family, no education, and he suffered from various addictions. He joined a recovery program, sobered up and went on to found a prestigious wealth management firm in Austin. John Henry is now a retired millionaire and musician that gives back to the non-profits that saved his life.

John Henry shared his secret for transforming his life and manifesting his dreams. The core principle is to flip the world’s belief system upside-down by taking an inside-out approach, as follows:

  • Spirit – Start with the spiritual first, and the rest will flow from this. Start every day in a place of awe and gratitude. This opens us up to a state of grace in which we can receive.
  • Emotional – When you start with the spirit first, you will be grounded and live a more emotionally balanced life. You will naturally attract the right people, opportunities and circumstances when you are emotionally balanced.
  • Mental – Instead of your mind controlling you, you can control your mind. You can make more intuitive decisions instead of letting the mind’s chatter lead you astray.
  • Physical – You will naturally become more physically responsible as a result of the above.
  • Material/fiscal – The monetary rewards will naturally follow, as if by magic.

John Henry shared so much more wisdom during the evening, including the specifics of how the 21-Day Vision Quest process works. We hope you’ll take some time to tap into the magic that transformed not only John Henry’s life, but so many others as well, by watching the recording of his presentation here!

Join the 21-day Vision Quest movement! Are you ready to flex your dreaming muscles and create some intentions for 2019? If so, the best way to get started is to do these three things before Thanksgiving Day:

  1. Take a peek at this post from Sarah about the 21-Day vision quest and how it changed her life.
  2. Check out the recording from John Henry McDonald’s presentation on October 30th here (Note: This is in Microsoft OneDrive, so you’ll need to use an existing Microsoft log-in or create a new one to access the videos.)
  3. Sign up for John Henry’s blog to receive inspiration and guidance on your 21-day journey.

The 21-Day Vision Quest starts on Thanksgiving Day and continues for (you guessed it!) – 21 days! At the end of this journey, you will look back at what you uncovered and set some intentions for 2019.

Especially for Ellivate Alliance members: If you’re an Ellivate Alliance member, e-mail Sarah to let her know you’re in!! Sarah will create a new #21dayvisionquest channel in our private Ellivate Alliance Slack community for those joining the 21-day Vision Quest movement so we can keep one another inspired and on-track during the journey. She’ll share John Henry’s blog posts here, as well as some of her own insights. Sarah will also host an Office Hours session the first week of January so we can share our intentions for 2019!