I hope you’re coming to this new year feeling refreshed, energized, and excited about what lies ahead for you and your business!! There is such a powerful activation energy in the air, with feelings of hope and possibility!
If you haven’t yet considered it: What do you want most this year?
This is a simple question, but it’s not often easy.
Too often, we default to what other people want for us, what we think we’re supposed to want for ourselves, or what we think is “reasonable” or “realistic.”
Allowing ourselves to dream and tuning into ourselves and what we truly want is a vital element of being a successful entrepreneur and a fulfilled human being. And, dreaming is just like anything else – the more we practice, the better we get.
So, this month, I encourage you to tap into the activation energy of the new year by sitting with this question, “What do you want most this year?” Keep coming back to it. Have some fun with it. Give yourself permission and space to dream. Write down what comes up for you (even if it feels wild or unrealistic at first). Discover what you can learn about yourself and what matters most to you this year.
What I want most for Ellivate is that any heart-centered, conscious entrepreneur who identifies as a woman feels like she belongs here.  
For the past six months, we’ve been working with Fatima Mann and Brandis Rawls of Love & Healing Work to cultivate more culturally mindful, healing and human-centered businesses. This work has been transformative and central to our mission at Ellivate Alliance, which is to activate and amplify feminine power, so we can co-create a collective future. (We have benefitted tremendously from our work with Fatima and highly recommend you connect with Love & Healing Work to explore how they could support you and your organization.)
During the last month of this program, we worked with Fatima to create invitations to engage for Ellivate Alliance to mitigate harm and cultivate a space where every Ellivate sister feels seen, heard, felt and that she belongs. These invitations to engage will help us live more fully into our core values of:

  • heart-centered conscious leadership
  • cultivating soul-stirring connection
  • harnessing the power of feminine wisdom
  • creating real, vulnerable experiences
  • fostering a deep appreciation of self and others

I am thrilled to share these with you (see below) and integrate them into the fabric of Ellivate. When each of us chooses to show up for ourselves and one another in these powerful ways, anything is possible.
If you’re a woman business owner seeking a community where you truly belong and can grow alongside other brave women entrepreneurs, I invite you to join us for our next Curiosity Session on February 16.
I’m excited to see what possibilities 2023 has in store for all of us!

With deep love and gratitude,

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Our mission is to activate and amplify feminine power, so we can co-create a collective future. Cultivating more culturally mindful, healing and human-centered businesses is central to this mission.

To further our mission and foster an even stronger sense of belonging here at Ellivate, we invite you to engage with our community in the following ways:

1. We invite you to come as you are. Bring it all in. Release the need to fake it or dim your light.

2. We invite you to step outside your comfort zone to learn and grow in an aware, consensual, and non-harmful way.

3. We invite you to remain curious as you learn and engage. We are here to learn about ourselves and from one another.

4. We invite you to pause, develop awareness of your needs and desires, and ask specifically for the support you need.

5. We invite you to listen to understand, rather than respond or solve. Be present and hold space for one another without judgment.

6. We invite you to pause and connect with your body to ground yourself, before engaging with others.

7. Even when we are following these Invitations to Engage and functioning from a place of positive intent and generosity, it’s possible that harm can happen. We are all learning and have diverse perspectives and experiences. In such cases, we invite you to engage in a listening circle to navigate the experience supportively. (Please refer to separate document, Invitations for a Listening Circle.)