Now that Spring is here, it brings warmer, brighter days! Spring is my favorite season because it’s full of hope, renewal and growth!

How will you grow your business this Spring? Remember, growing your business isn’t just about sales and dollars. Growth could be expanding your positive impact, creating cultural shifts in your workplace, or innovating your products, services or processes. What feels exciting to you right now?

How will you grow yourself this Spring? Will you intentionally slow down and connect with yourself and your team more often? Will you set and maintain stronger boundaries to create the space necessary to care for yourself? Will you bring more intention and energy to the people and causes you believe in? Where do you sense the most potential?

Whatever sort of growth you choose this Spring, I can guarantee one thing – growth will require you to change!

Change can feel hard and uncomfortable at times, but the power of awareness can pave the way and make it more manageable.

Change is not just about DOing. Change starts with BEing. Much of the work of change is shifting how you see yourself and the world around you. 

When you become clearer about who you are and what you want (and what you don’t want!), you can more clearly see the path towards your desired future. You are more likely to notice when people, ideas and opportunities that align with your desired change appear. You can make small, conscious choices each day that move you one step closer to your desired future.

Our vision at Ellivate Alliance is to co-create a collective future. Our mission is to activate and amplify feminine power. We want to bring more heart and soul to business. We want to challenge the way it’s done. We want to create change in the world around us through our businesses.

This is no small undertaking. As you can imagine, it requires BIG changes. We’ll never quite get to where we want to be. We’ll never figure it all out. The change that is necessary can feel very overwhelming at times. So, let’s use the power of awareness to pave our way.

When we expand our awareness of the world around us, the injustices built into our society and all the ways traditional business models fall short of what the world needs, we become more conscious of what needs to change. We begin to reimagine what could be.

With this expanded awareness, we can integrate change into our day-to-day lives. We can cultivate more conscious business practices. Each day presents us with many opportunities to make more conscious choices – where we do business, who we do business with, what conversations we have, what we consume (or don’t consume), where we invest our time and energy, and how we show up for our communities.

Change doesn’t have to be overwhelming. With awareness leading the way, change becomes a daily practice…It’s a series of conscious choices.

I wish you fruitful growth and conscious choices this Spring!

With deep love and gratitude,

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As women leaders, we have a responsibility to play a meaningful role in creating a more just world.

Each month, we’ll explore how we can integrate more conscious practices into our businesses and lives.

Be aware of this:

As business owners, the only way we can serve people is by understanding their life experiences – what they need and want and why. If we want to see change in the world around us, let’s start in our own workplaces. In the words of Malia Hazu, “Having an understanding of how race shapes norms helps any manager create a more empathetic work environment, one that can lubricate cultural changes towards equity and innovation.”

You have probably heard a lot about Critical Race Theory (CRT) in the news lately. Unfortunately, there is a lot of disinformation circulating around it. It’s important to be aware of what CRT actually is and the impact it has in our workplaces and society.

Read this:

Check out this podcast episode of Race at Work with Porter Braswell, UCLA Law’s Laura E. Gómez: Understanding Critical Race Theory, Part 2 (33 min), where a UCLA law professor explores CRT and its influence on diversity and inclusion efforts in workplaces and classrooms.

Try this:

With an awareness that legal and other systems intersect with race in the U.S., consider how systemic racism could be impacting your workplace (e.g., hiring and promotion practices, workplace culture, employee engagement and who you do business with).