Do you ever compare yourself or your business to others?

Have you ever been impressed by someone, yet soon your admiration shifts to tallying up the ways you fall short of their example?

Do you ever find yourself enjoying collaborating with someone, until, all of a sudden, you can’t stop comparing yourself to them?

If you said yes to any of the above, you’re not alone! I find myself playing the comparison game more often than I’d like.

Ellivate Dream Teamer, Emily Soccorsy, and I co-hosted The Magic of Collaboration last month, where we talked about the importance of embracing a mindset of celebration, rather than comparison.

Collaboration is impossible when we’re trapped in the limited illusion of competition – when we’re constantly measuring ourselves against the person we’re supposed to be co-creating with.

Collaboration is only possible because we are different from one another. When each person brings their own unique strengths, style and ideas to the shared endeavor and works in harmony, they create something far greater than what they could create apart.

Thanks to a lifetime of absorbing ideas that tell us we must compete with one another for seemingly scarce resources, the game of comparison is deeply ingrained in us. It distracts us from uncovering more of who we are – our strengths and gifts – and prevents us from sharing them with the world.

Next time you notice yourself playing the comparison game, I challenge you to acknowledge it, and then think of one thing you want to celebrate about the other person.

Through the Ellivate Alliance, we get to play another game – one of collaboration. Although we may never perfect this game, we’re grateful for ample opportunities to practice it together!

With deep love and gratitude,

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PS – For some wonderful examples of collaboration throughout our sisterhood, check out our Collaboration Station series!

All photo credits to Leandra Blei Photography