Ellivate Alliance has always felt like a place to connect with long-time friends. Asks, offers, celebrations, and setbacks are met with love and support in all forms. The collaboration that unfolded for Mariette Martinez and me is one of the beautiful benefits of the Ellivate Alliance.

Earlier this year, I gave a talk on Money Types. Mariette asked some questions during the presentation that sparked my desire to create content for those with a positive money mindset. Not all emotions around money are negative, and I wanted to create content focused on those with a “can-do-anything” attitude. Since Mariette’s questions inspired my idea, I asked her if we could schedule time to talk about my idea.

During our call, we discussed self-worth versus net-worth, and Mariette told me about a program she’d be co-presenting in Southern California for female business owners to discuss business, finances, and the importance of knowing and feeling worthy. This sounded like an event I couldn’t miss, so I asked where I could sign up.

Fast forward a few weeks, and that one little ask for a conversation turned into me presenting Worthy Is The New Wealthy at Mariette’s event, Worthy of Being Financially Fit. It’s one thing to tell someone they are worthy and entirely another thing for them to believe it. When we identify the resistance to owning our worth, break down those belief barriers, and truly own our worth, we create opportunities to create wealth for ourselves.

Mariette brought together a group of wonderful women, and it was such a powerful day of sharing, learning, and growing. I loved teaming up with Mariette because it pushed me to go outside of my own comfort zone – to get in front of the camera, share my Why on video, and own my message. I felt truly blessed to be part of the day and appreciated experiencing my own growth in the process.

Through this event, I connected with 15 women I wouldn’t have known otherwise, I was invited for another speaking opportunity by one of the attendees, and I’ve had one-to-one consultations with a few of the attendees.

Since sharing this event with Mariette, we’ve been accountability partners. We collaborate on ideas. She listens to my podcast interviews and provides feedback, and I listen to hers, in awe of her energy. We share must-read books, which always spur new ideas for our businesses. We provide one another with advice and support when and where the moment calls for it.

Recently, I reached out to get on Mariette’s calendar to talk through a 2020 idea in a week or two. Within 15 minutes, we were already chatting, and I committed to delivering a rough draft of my plan to her. I love that we dream together, and the passion we each have for what we do helps the other to soar…just like long-time friends.

— Robina Bennion, Founder of Robina Bennion


Check out this cute video from the event Mariette and Robina first collaborated on, Worthy of Being Financially Fit!