In September, I filled my cup by connecting with some of my Ellivate sisters for our second annual Ellivate Dream Team retreat in Sedona, Arizona. We got to spend precious time together, catch up on our businesses and lives, envision the future of Ellivate and plan our annual member conference, EVOLVE.

Dreaming and brainstorming with my sisters on how we can evolve Ellivate got me thinking about the concept of evolution. The one constant in life is change. Thus, evolution is always happening, whether we realize it or not…whether we want it or not. We will evolve. In fact, we are evolving right now, as individuals and as a collective society. It is nature’s law.

I believe the chaos of 2020 is accelerating our rate of evolution on a micro and macro level. Things are changing faster than ever (even if it just feels like a big mess), and we’re being forced to confront the challenges that we were too busy or distracted to deal with (or too blind to see) before. The Universe is telling us that it’s time to look at and deal with the mess – our collective mess and the messes that may be hiding within ourselves and our businesses.

When we deny evolution, we resist the laws of nature. Clinging on to old ways of being – holding on tight, white-knuckling it, just so we can stay the same – this is futile. Things simply don’t stay the same, and holding on only results in pain and limitation.

To evolve, we must let go of the old and get curious about what’s next. Yes, letting go can feel scary (and it sometimes comes with pain, too). Yet, when we let go of old ways of being and choose to consciously evolve, we can navigate a new path forward with a bit more ease and grace. We can expand and create new possibilities that didn’t exist before.

Where in your business, or your life, might you need to let go of old ways of being and consciously evolve?

Yes, evolution can feel hard and scary at times, but you are never alone. The brave women of Ellivate are doing it right alongside you.

With deep love and gratitude,

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