The core Ellivate principle we’re focusing on this quarter is:

Harmonious Systems:

You should run your business (not the other way around!). Explore where you can simplify and outsource your processes, so you can spend more time in your Zone of Genius and run the business with more ease and grace.

Let’s talk about your Zone of Genius. Do you know how much time you spend in your Zone of Genius? Do you even know what your Zone of Genius is?

If you answered, “No,” “I’m not sure,” or “Zone of what?!”, then my guess is you’re not spending much, if any, time there…and I’m willing to bet your business is running you, more than you’re running it.

We gift women on the Ellivate Emerging Path one of my all-time favorite books, The Big Leap. In this book, Gay Hendricks outlines 4 zones that we could spend our time and energy in:

  • Zone of Incompetence – Activities you are not good at. Others can do them better than you.
  • Zone of Competence – Activities you are competent at. Others can do them just as well.
  • Zone of Excellence – Activities you do extremely well. You can make a good living here. It’s comfortable and tempting to stay here. Others may want you to stay here. It can drain your energy, leave you unfulfilled and usually holds you back from your Zone of Genius.
  • Zone of GeniusActivities you are uniquely suited to do that draw upon your special gifts and strengths. Here, you can liberate and express your natural genius to create deep success and life satisfaction. This is where the magic happens!

Your Zone of Genius represents your highest and best contribution to the world. Yet, most of us get so wrapped up in the other three zones that we don’t tap into our true potential.

Here are three questions to ponder this month to help you create more time and space for your Zone of Genius:

  1. If you have anything in your Zone of Incompetence, what can you immediately do to eliminate it (e.g., delegate, outsource or drop it)?
  2. What activities in your Zone of Competence could you delegate to others to free up your time and energy for activities you are better suited for?
  3. Where might you need to make a big leap from your Zone of Excellence to your Zone of Genius? What would that big leap require?

I personally believe that finding and living in your Zone of Genius is a gradual evolution. It’s probably not something you’ll check off your list this month! However, I do encourage you to reflect on these questions this month, and imagine what’s possible for you and your business when you can play just a little bit more in your Zone of Genius!

With deep love and gratitude,

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