Can you believe we are about to close out 2022? Certainly, we have accomplished a lot together this year; yet, I remember kicking off the New Year with you like it was just yesterday!

As we wrap up this year, we’re focusing on the Ellivate core principle of Prosperity:


Prosperity flows from the inside out when the previous three principles (Self, Connection and Harmonious Systems) align. Gain clarity on your financial goals and identify where you can invest your resources more wisely to create more value and abundance for all.

Prosperity is a state of being. It’s a feeling we can cultivate by reflecting on all the things we’re grateful for and choosing to celebrate our businesses and ourselves!

We are not conditioned to celebrate ourselves. You may even feel awkward or guilty about doing it, worrying that you’re bragging. You may be so focused on the challenges ahead, you forget about the amazing things you’ve already achieved. You may feel like you’re not doing enough…that you’re not enough.

Celebrating yourself is a revolutionary act.

When you celebrate yourself, you allow feelings of joy, accomplishment and worth. You cultivate a greater appreciation for who you are and what you contribute to the world around you. You can more confidently connect with and serve others, expanding your positive impact. When you feel whole and worthy, you can truly celebrate others and lift them up, too.

We have a lot to celebrate at Ellivate this year:

We implemented a new membership model with three different paths (Emerging, Evolving and Entry), so we can meet our women where they are on their entrepreneurial journeys.

We support our women on the Emerging and Evolving Paths in new, deeper ways through quarterly infusion gatherings and monthly Collaborative Circles.

We created a scholarship program for women on the Emerging Path to ensure that Ellivate is accessible to all women who are just embarking on their entrepreneurial journey.

We offered a 6-month program with Fatima Mann of Love & Healing Work, How to Leverage White Privilege in Business, to cultivate more culturally mindful, healing and human-centered businesses. This important, transformative work helps us foster an even stronger sense of belonging here at Ellivate and within our respective businesses.

We added a new member benefit, the Ellivate Quarterly Well Check, to help our women mindfully nurture the health and well-being of themselves and their businesses using the four core Ellivate principles.

We’re making plans to gather again (for the first time in 3 years!) in Sedona in May 2023 for our first-ever Ellivate Expand retreat! This magical event will allow us to step back from the hustle, so we can nourish and restore ourselves in nature with one another.

Truly, we have accomplished a lot this year – individually and as a collective. I am deeply grateful for every woman who chooses to be part of this powerful community and for your support as our ally. Thank you for continuing to encourage us on our journey!

As we close out 2022, I invite you to reflect on your journey this year: How have you grown? What have you learned? What are the bold actions you’ve taken?

What will you celebrate about yourself today? How can you incorporate more celebratory practices in your business and life every single day?

Cheers to us! Let’s celebrate all we’ve achieved in 2022 and look forward to what lies ahead for us in 2023!

With deep love and gratitude,

Sarah signature

Beginning July 2022, Ellivate is partnering with Fatima Mann and Brandis Rawls of Love and Healing Work to provide our members with a 6-month series, How to Leverage White Privilege in Business. Each month, we share some insights from the important work that Fatima guides us through. We have benefitted tremendously from our work with Fatima and Brandis and highly recommend you connect with them to explore how they can support you and your business.

Be aware of this:

Traditional ways of doing business focus on pushing forward, usually with a sense of urgency – be more, do more, make more money. There will always be more to do. We are never quite finished. Whatever we accomplish isn’t enough…we are never quite enough.

Because of this relentless forward focus, most of us are not conditioned to celebrate ourselves. When we choose to do so, we are doing something revolutionary!!

Celebration is one of the most valuable, joyful aspects of being human! When we slow down and create space to celebrate ourselves and one another, we disrupt old ways and make space for the humanity in all of us. We cultivate more culturally mindful, healing and human-centered businesses. We align more fully with our true selves and show up in ways that will not cause harm to others.

Try this:

When was the last time you truly celebrated yourself and your business? How could you make more space for celebration in your business and life – not just today, but all year long? Seek opportunities to celebrate the everyday wins, not just the milestones. Consider allocating time in team meetings for each person to share personal and professional celebrations. Instead of thinking about all the things you didn’t get done when you wrap up your workday, reflect on what you did achieve and acknowledge yourself for your learning and growth each day.