Last month, we kicked off the third quarter of our year-long EVOLVE 2021 program by focusing on the following Ellivate core principle:

Harmonious Systems:

You should run your business (not the other way around!). Explore where you can simplify and outsource your processes, so you can spend more time in your zone of genius and run the business with more ease and grace.

One of the big questions that came up during our EVOLVE Q3 infusion session was:

How can I hire people to help me when my business isn’t making much money yet?

This is a big question. I get it. I really do. I remember struggling during my first few years of entrepreneurship, afraid to spend money when I wasn’t making much money yet.

Yet, I also knew I couldn’t do this alone. I did not (and still don’t!) have the expertise to do all the things I needed to do to run a business. Plus, trying to figure all of it out on my own was just too painful and time-consuming. I knew I needed to take some risks and invest in the future success of my business.

Each one us is in a unique situation and has a different risk tolerance, so I can’t answer this big question for you. However, I do encourage you to expand your perspective by asking you some big questions in return:

  1. How much time and energy are you spending doing things you loathe? What could be possible if you freed up some of the strain, drain and pain these things are causing you? Think of all the time and energy you could instead invest in revenue generating activities – meeting more people, sharing your story and brand, selling and doing the work!
  2. What is the opportunity cost of not hiring someone to help you? What are you missing out on right now because you’re doing things that you’re not particularly good at? Imagine if you hired someone who is exceptional at these things! How much farther could they take your business? How much more money could they help you make?
  3. What is hurting you the most right now? Once you identify the biggest drain of your time and energy, start there. Start small. Choose one project or area you can outsource, and see how much it uplifts you and expands your capacity. Then, take the next small step. Each step you take will expand your capacity to generate more revenue and create more ease in your business and life!

It may not feel easy at first, but I promise you can do it…one step at a time. There is a whole community of women entrepreneurs ready to support you here at the Ellivate Alliance!

With deep love and gratitude,

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