As I reflect on what’s been happening in our country in recent months and years, I can’t help feeling like we’re moving backwards as a society.

If you’ve been feeling enraged, heartbroken, and overwhelmed by the avalanche of Muchness (as our Ellivate sister Emily Soccorsy calls it)…you are not alone. I am right there with you.

At times like these, it could feel easier to disconnect from it all, to disconnect from our fellow human beings. It’s so tempting to retreat into our safe havens, insulate ourselves with people who are just like us, and blame and judge “the others.”

This is our natural, human response to pain. Our survival mechanism is to retreat, contract, and go within. Yet, if we all do this, do you see the pain that it ultimately causes? Isn’t this disconnection what got us here in the first place?

How can we co-create a collective future when we can’t (or won’t) connect with other humans?

How can we connect with other humans when we’re disconnected from ourselves?

We must tend to ourselves. We must take the time and space we need to protect ourselves, heal, and return to wholeness. Only from a place of wholeness can we reach out and truly connect with others. Only from this place can we seek to understand and love our fellow humans.

Ellivate’s mission is to activate and amplify feminine power so we can co-create a collective future. This transformative work of returning to wholeness and connection is vital to our mission. That’s why I’m thrilled to share that we’re partnering with Fatima Mann and Brandis Rawls of Love & Healing Work to offer our members a 6-month program, How to Leverage White Privilege in Business, beginning July 1. 

If you’re a woman business owner who wants to join us on this transformative journey, please join us as a member and/or attend our next Curiosity Session on June 13 to learn more. I’ll share more about the magic within Ellivate Alliance, you’ll get to meet some of our members, and you can explore whether our community of brave women entrepreneurs is a fit for you.

One more thing before you go. Before you jump back into the busy-ness of your day, please take a quiet moment to tune into yourself. Close your eyes, and take a few deep breaths. How do you feel? What needs tending within you?

Now, go tend to it. Give yourself something that helps you find more wholeness in your being today.

With deep love and gratitude,

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As women leaders, we have a responsibility to play a meaningful role in creating a more just world.

Each month, we’ll explore how we can integrate more conscious practices into our businesses and lives.

Be aware of this:

When it comes to healing the pain and division in the world, could love be the answer? But, what is love? Love is more than just a rush of positive emotion. According to Valarie Kaur, renowned civil rights leader, lawyer, best-selling author, award-winning filmmaker, educator, and innovator, love encompasses the whole range of human emotions – joy, grief, even rage. “Revolutionary love is the choice to enter into labor for others, for our opponents, for ourselves, to transform the world around us.”

Listen to this:

Please listen to this episode of Layla Saad’s Good Ancestor podcast where she interviews Valarie Kaur, author of See No Stranger (1 hour, 35 minutes – yes, it’s long, and every minute is precious).

Try this:

Create your own practice of revolutionary love. The next time you’re out in the world, how could you “see no stranger?”