Hello, Ellivate ally!

The winter felt long and dark, didn’t it? We’ve been living with a global pandemic for over a year, requiring us to make continuous shifts in our businesses. We weathered some of the roughest winter storms. Last month delivered two heart-breaking tragedies in Atlanta and Boulder. Our country and planet continue to face some really big challenges that feel insurmountable at times. Yet, amongst all of that, you held strong with your vision and continued to work hard to bring it to a world who needs you. Thank you.

And now, Spring has finally sprung!! Spring brings sunshine, warmer, brighter days and a sense of hope and renewal. Let’s consciously choose to embrace the energy of Spring for ourselves and our businesses by creating space for our own recovery and renewal.

Here are 3 ideas to help you tap into the renewal energy that Spring brings:

Create a sense of daily renewal. Each morning brings the gift of a new day (no matter what happened the day before!). Start your day with positive energy and intention by creating a quick and easy morning routine.

Build recovery time into the end of your workday. Do you still feel connected to your business (and your e-mail!), even after your workday is over? Or perhaps you’re so exhausted, all you can do is zone out on the couch? Create a closing routine at the end of your workday (e.g., update your to-do list, respond to critical e-mails and plan the next day) to provide you with a sense of completion for the day. Then, give yourself permission to recover. Do something that disconnects you from technology (and your business) and reconnects you with yourself and those you love most.

Get a good night’s sleep. Working late? Having a hard time turning your brain off when it’s time to go to bed? Although sleep is the ultimate recovery and renewal for our bodies, minds and spirits, so many of us don’t prioritize it. Create a bedtime routine to enhance the quality of your sleep. Consider turning your lights down low an hour before bed, reading a book (instead of watching TV), and listening to a guided meditation to let your brain know it’s time to rest.


I see and appreciate how hard you’ve been working! But, remember that true success is not all about the hard work and hustle. If you want to show up as the bold, strong leader that you truly are, you must create space for recovery and renewal. This Spring, I lovingly challenge you to embrace one or two simple practices to recover and renew. Then, enjoy how it elevates your business, your impact and your life.

I wish you a Spring full of hope, renewal and joy!

With deep love and gratitude,

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