Happy (early) Valentine’s Day!

This month, many of us will celebrate the magic of love on Valentine’s Day! At the Ellivate Alliance, we celebrate love all day, every day! In fact, love is at the core of who we are and what we do.

Ellivate exists to support women in building a heart-based business from the inside-out. To do this, each of us must embody love – love for our mission, the people we serve, one another, ourselves, and the world. When each of us puts our heart and head into business, we create the positive ripples of change the world needs.  

Speaking of embodying love…We just hosted our biggest event of the year, EVOLVE 2020: Work Less, Gain More! (Psst…did you notice that the word “love” is embedded in “EVOLVE?”) When each of us creates sustainable profit and channels prosperity through our business, we amplify our collective impact, which is what EVOLVE 2020 was all about. During an action-packed weekend, we explored:

  • What is your number for 2020? How much is “enough,” and how much do you need to make so you can give back?
  • How your beliefs about money shape your reality
  • How to create maximum value for all involved when you play in your Zone of Genius
  • How to find and connect with the people who have been desperately waiting for you (and how to ditch the ones that sap your energy)
  • How to tap into your body’s innate wisdom to find true power and abundance
  • How to creatively package and price your offerings to align your value with your financial goals
  • How to budget to meet your desired financial goals
  • How to use the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) to take meaningful action on what you learned

The weekend was full of inspiration, practical guidance, connection, deep work and fun! I hope you enjoy this month’s Collaboration Station where Mariette Martinez reflects on her own Ellivate journey and the impact of EVOLVE 2020. It’s a beautiful way to tap ino the Ellivate magic!

I’m sending you and yours much love this month and always!! May you embody love in all you do!

With deep love and gratitude,

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All EVOLVE 2020 photos by Leandra Blei