The Dream Team is our team of expert instructors, facilitators, coaches and mentors that dreams right alongside our women and helps them turn their dreams into reality. Each Dream Teamer is dedicated to sharing her wisdom and experience with Ellivate Alliance women through our Ellivate Immersion program, EVOLVE annual member conference and monthly Office Hours for our member community.

Now, more than ever, it feels like we could all use a good dose of positive energy and wisdom! So, I reached out to our Dream Team to ask these inspiring women what they would most like to share with our women, and the world at large. Enjoy their words…soak them all in – I am certain you’ll feel the love, positive energy and encouragement that was sent with these messages.

May we all manage to find a conscious breath, moment of meditation and reflection of gratitude on a daily basis. And most importantly, compassion for ourselves and others during this time. Remember there are things you cannot control, and things you can. Focus on the latter.

— Carri Scuba, Core Vision Concepts

Enjoy the pause! Most days, life moves at lightning speed. We rush to get everywhere and do everything. We now have an unprecedented opportunity to stop for a moment and reflect on what is most important to us – to cherish our families, our friends, our health, and gain perspective on where we are in our lives. Use this brief interlude in your demanding life to appreciate the life you’ve created.

— June Shrewsbury, JR Shrewsbury Coaching & Consulting

In this moment, and every moment that may feel scary or fearful, it is important to focus on what you do have control over. There are so many things in our life that we are uniquely gifted to tackle. So, take a few moments to make a list of 3 things you know you can do immediately to help you feel empowered, energized and joyful. They could be as simple as meditation, dancing to your favorite song, or reaching out to a friend on Zoom for some facetime. Know that your actions, no matter how big or small, can change the trajectory of your day and have a ripple effect to those you encounter (personally or from the recommended CDC distance). Whatever it is, know that you control your day and whether it spirals down into negativity or up into positive light. The joy you spread will encourage others to blossom.

Misty Megia, Theatre of Marketing

Although there are innumerable indications to the contrary, now is the time for creativity! To spark a creative fire in yourself, first tend to your inner spirit kindly and with love. Then, get out some crayons, some markers, some whiteboard markers or sticky notes, or whatever makes you feel creative, and begin making something new. It doesn’t matter if you use it or not! Just create!

— Emily Soccorsy, Root + River

If you’re feeling like me, you may be confused by your serving heart. You may feel a strong desire to help, but uncertain as to whether now is the right time or concerned that others may think you are taking advantage of these uncertain times. Take a moment to speak with your heart to discern where this need to give back is coming from. If you decide it’s coming from a place of abundance, allow yourself to help others without feeling the need to discount yourself or your value. We need what you are ready to give!

Mariette Martinez, Mariette F. Martinez, EA

As we enter this virtual world of communication, being able to communicate effectively on camera has never been more important. Improving how you show up and building your comfort and confidence will positively impact your ability to serve people in an impactful way, and hopefully grow your business at the same time. When you’re making a virtual presentation or on a virtual meeting, look at the camera lens when you’re talking, ensure your internet signal is strong and your audio is good, and be mindful of distractions around you – all things that can help you better connect with the person/people on the other side and make the conversation more productive! #LookAtTheLens

Kim Barnes, Barnes Team Media

Life is somewhat predictable until it is not, so what will you do with this experience? I believe this is an opportunity to expand our positive influence, to recognize/uncover our uniqueness, our gifts, and to share them with the world.  Get quiet, listen to your inner voice, then share your light so brightly that all can see and be encouraged to step out of the darkness. You are a unique expression of the Universe, and I can’t wait to see you shine.

— Nicole Linko, Linko IT & Web Solutions

STAY HOME! Can you feel the deeper meaning of this request?  

Stay home. Take a breath and sit with it for a minute or two….how does this feel in your body? Where do you feel this in your body?

Do you feel at home inside of yourself?

Is your inner home calling you? What or who do you long to come home to? If you came home to yourself, what would you find?

Can you STAY at home with yourself while the world is tilting on its edge?

Do you need to ‘clean house’ inside yourself, or clear a room, to: nest, create something yummy, ‘rearrange some furniture,’ let go of habits and thoughts that are no longer working for you?

Kristi Vitali, Be Well Austin Center

I believe that fear is the only thing that separates us from Living the Life We Imagined. With that in mind, understanding and navigating fear is our super power. To understand fear, we have to look to our ancestors. Our primal needs subconsciously drive 90% of what we do and include 1) avoiding pain; 2) seeking pleasure; and 3) being efficient. When our primal needs aren’t being met, we can’t access our higher brain – where reason and our longer-term interests live. 

Here are some tips to create an intersection between our higher brain’s wisdom and our primal needs, which is where our super power lies!  

Step 1: Assess your needs. Consider your basic needs on a scale of 1-10. Do you feel safe? Do you have supplies? Additional questions might include, Do you feel Connected, in Control, in Community, in Gratitude, in Joy?

Step 2: Create a Needs Plan. Brainstorm solutions for any need that you rated a 6 or below. Ideas might include writing and reading daily mantras (Today I am safe. I have what I need today. I’m in control of what I think and read.), gratitude, journaling, meditation, positive books/podcasts, plan for physical well-being (walk outside, sleep, water, nutrition), limiting news exposure and calling a friend every day.

Kyla Martin, Kyla Martin Coaching & Consulting

It’s really important right now to take regular breaks throughout the day to pause and reset. You can get up from the computer and go walk around the house, do some breathing exercises or a short meditation or listen to music. Take about 10-15 minutes at least twice a day (besides lunch breaks) to reset. This will help you keep a clear mind and re-energize, so you can stay positive and focused on what’s needed to sustain your business or create new opportunities.

— Amy Vetter, The B3 Method Institute