EVOLVE 2021: The Details

12 months of powerful guidance, structured support and authentic connection that evolves with you

EVOLVE 2021: Level Up is a collaborative, year-long, members-only experience that will help you level up your business from the inside out.  Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Each quarter, we’ll gather as a full cohort to receive an infusion of wisdom and guidance in one of Ellivate’s four core principles: Self, Connection, Harmonious Systems and Prosperity. We’ll set intentions and create an action plan for the upcoming quarter. We’ll connect authentically through intentional networking opportunities.
  • Each month, you’ll meet in intimate Master Mind groups of up to 6 Ellivate sisters to move your intentions forward in a meaningful way. You’ll exchange support, feedback and ideas in a structured, yet flexible way.

All sessions are hosted live, virtually via Zoom videoconference.

Q1: Self – Building the Foundation from Within

Align your business with who you are as a human, and attain more fulfillment. Ground yourself in your Why, vision and root beliefs, embrace your natural feminine leadership strengths, and support yourself as the creator of your business.

January 14-15, 2021 (11am-2pm CT) – Q1 Infusion (EVOLVE 2021 Q1 agenda)

  • Uncover your vision of what it means to level up your business and life in each of Ellivate’s four core areas: Self, Connection, Harmonious Systems and Prosperity.
  • Learn how to get the most out of your EVOLVE experience, including the Master Mind structure you’ll be using for the rest of the year.

February – March 2021 – Q1 Monthly Master Minding

Q2: Connection

At its core, business is about connecting, collaborating with and supporting other humans. Gain more clarity on your ideal audience, uncover more authentic sales and marketing strategies, and identify how you can better meet the needs of the people you most want to serve.

March 31 – April 1, 2021 (11am-2pm CT) – Q2 Infusion

April – June 2021 – Q2 Monthly Master Minding

Q3: Harmonious Systems

You should run your business (not the other way around!). Explore where you can simplify and outsource your processes, so you can spend more time in your zone of genius and run the business with more ease and grace.

June 30 – July 1, 2021 (11am-2pm CT) – Q3 Infusion

July – September 2021 – Q3 Monthly Master Minding

Q4: Prosperity

Prosperity flows from the inside out when the previous three principles align. Gain clarity on your financial goals, and identify where you can invest your resources more wisely to create more value and abundance for all.

September 30 – October 1, 2021 (11am-2pm CT) – Q4 Infusion

October – December 2021 – Q4 Monthly Master Minding

Celebratory Conclusion

December 17, 2021 (11am-2pm CT)

We’ll gather together one last time to reflect on and celebrate what you’ve learned, the progress you’ve made and how you and your business have leveled up this year!!

EVOLVE 2021: Level Up FAQs

  1. This looks awesome! Is it open to any woman entrepreneur? This experience is an exclusive benefit for members of the Ellivate Alliance. The good news is, there’s still an opportunity to join us as a member before we kick-off EVOLVE 2021 on January 14! You can join us as follows: 1) complete Ellivate Immersion: On-demand (allow yourself 1 month to get the most out of this powerful program) and 2) sign up as a member for only $35/month.
  2. How will you create my Master Mind group?  After attending the January Q1 infusion, you will submit some information to Sarah, including your intentions and action plan for Q1 and your personal preferences for your Master Mind. Based on this (and what she knows about you and your business), she will thoughtfully curate the Master Mind groups. Based on your feedback, we may consider reconfiguring the groups on a quarterly or semi-annual basis to allow you to connect with more women.
  3. When will my Master Mind group meet? You will meet with your Master Mind group once per month, starting in February. Your Master Mind session will be integrated within the quarterly infusion sessions during April, July and October and December’s Celebratory Conclusion. This means you’ll meet as a small group (outside of the larger group meetings) during the months of February, March, May, June, August, September and November. Once your Master Mind group is formed in late January, we will coordinate with all members of your Master Mind to determine a meeting schedule that aligns best for you all.
  4. Who will lead my Master Mind group? We are still designing this part of the program and expect to evolve it as we go, one quarter at a time. The format of each Master Mind session will vary. Some of your Master Mind sessions will be led by an Ellivate Dream Teamer. Other sessions may be self- or peer-led. In those instances, we will provide you with clear guidance and structure ahead of time to ensure you feel confident about hosting an effective session.
  5. What will we be learning about each quarter? We will guide you through a process each quarter to evaluate your progress during the past quarter and set an action plan for the next quarter. We’ll also provide an infusion of wisdom and guidance in the Ellivate core principle for that quarter: Self (Q1), Connection (Q2), Harmonious Systems (Q3) and Prosperity (Q4). The exact content of these quarterly infusions is still being formulated. We will be innovating and evolving as we go, based on what we learn real-time from you! This means the exact content may not be confirmed until 1 month prior to each quarterly session.
  6. What if I miss one of the quarterly influsion sessions? We will record the quarterly infusion sessions and share them with all participants, so you can catch up on what you missed and/or revisit the concepts later.
  7. What if I miss a Master Mind session? We will not record any Master Mind sessions to maintain a safe space for you to explore your challenges. Unfortunately, if you miss a session, there is no opportunity to make it up. As noted in FAQ #2, you get input on your Master Mind meeting schedule, so we expect it would be rare for you to miss a session.
  8. Why are you evolving this as you go? It sounds kind of crazy! We realize this is a non-conventional approach, and it requires you to trust us! Innovation requires risk. We can’t predict exactly what you’ll need so far into the future, and if we tried to do so, it might limit you. We’re committed to providing you a consistent (so you can plan for it) and flexible (so it evolves with you) structure. Even though this approach requires some extra work for us, we (your Dream Team) are willing to make this investment because we believe it’s the best way we can support you. We’re also excited to innovate and Ellivate our model. We understand that the unknown can create some anxiety, so we hope to mitigate any anxiety you feel by 1) setting the price extraordinarily low (considering the incredible value you’ll receive), and 2) offering a quarterly pay-as-you-go option (so you can choose to continue the program at the end of each quarter when you have more clarity about the next quarter’s programming).
  9. Why is this priced SO low? Yes, we realize we’re providing an insane amount of value for a ridiculously low price. If someone else was offering you this program, it would probably require an investment of $10,000. So, why are we offering it for only $497? Ellivate’s mission is to make education, coaching and mentorship accessible to heart-based women entrepreneurs so we can bring the power of feminine leadership to business and the world. The power of collaboration makes it possible for us to offer programs like this at accessible prices. When each of us contributes our unique talents in small ways, we create something really big together that benefits all of us. We’re also excited to innovate and learn with you through this experience, so we consider it a pilot program (with a one-time, special pilot price!). We’ve been exploring how we can evolve the membership model in the future to grow with you, including offering different membership levels in 2022 (one of which might look like this EVOLVE model!).
  10. What will happen to my existing membership benefits? Your Ellivate membership will continue to provide the same amazing benefits – being in community with incredible women entrepreneurs plus monthly Office Hours, Open Forums, Coffee Breaks and Ellivate Aware. We are shifting to a more collaborative membership model in 2021 where members host Office Hours (instead of Dream Teamers). We’re excited to give you the opportunity to highlight and share your wisdom and expertise with your Ellivate sisters. Sarah will be reaching out to all Ellivate members soon to schedule member Office Hours for 2021.
  11. How is EVOLVE different from my membership? Through the EVOLVE experience, the Dream Team will provide you with additional support that is more focused, structured and tailored to your specific needs. Plus, you’ll get to apply what you’re learning and connect more deeply with an intimate group of your Ellivate sisters through the Master Mind structure.
  12. Do you have a question we didn’t cover? Reach out to Sarah with questions anytime!

Level up your business and your life in 2021 for just $497*!!

*We want you to feel confident about the investment you’re making in yourself and your business, so we also offer a pay-as-you-go plan for $149 per quarter.

The world needs us. It’s time to level up, sister. Let’s Ellivate together.

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