EVOLVE 2021: Level Up

What if the power of the EVOLVE experience could last all year?

Now, it can.

EVOLVE is no longer a two-day experience. Now, the support, growth and insight you’ve come to love will be here for you all year long. Delivered in a supportive cohort of like-hearted, driven and approachable women, EVOLVE now provides you with monthly support from a group of entrepreneurial women who are dedicated to you and your business.

Female entrepreneurs who have a strong community and network are more likely to succeed in their businesses.

EVOLVE 2021 offers this by upgrading the unique support you already receive from the Ellivate Alliance. EVOLVE 2021 will:

  • Give you direct guidance and support from the Ellivate Dream Team throughout the year.
  • Provide more focused and personal attention on your business.
  • Equip you with consistent support, feedback and a sounding board for your business growth.
  • Kindly challenge your thinking and help you expand.

EVOLVE 2021: Level Up

A collaborative, year-long, members-only experience that will help you level up your business from the inside out!

What makes EVOLVE 2021: Level Up different from past EVOLVE retreats?

We innovated the EVOLVE experience by combining your feedback and ideas with some awesome Dream Team brainstorming in Sedona, AZ. Here’s how EVOLVE has evolved:

  • In addition to the usual instructor-led sessions where you’ll receive guidance and resources, you’ll now have the opportunity to pace yourself and apply them over the entire year. You’ll be thoughtfully matched with a Master Mind group, so you can practically apply your learning with your Ellivate sisters in a more intimate setting, using a structured format. You’ll get to know and support one another at a deeper level.
  • Instead of a “one and done” in-person retreat, you’ll receive structured support for the entire year, 100% virtually. We’ll provide quarterly infusions of learning for the entire cohort, plus monthly Master Mind sessions in small groups. All in all, you’re getting much more support in 2021 than ever before, at a more manageable pace!
  • You’ll be evolving your business with intention, one quarter at a time, and we’ll be evolving EVOLVE alongside you. You will help us design the program as we go! We’ll ask where you need the most support next quarter and plan the upcoming quarterly learning and monthly Master Mind sessions accordingly. This gives us the flexibility to meet you where you’re at, so we can provide even better support.

We’ll continue to work from the inside out, using Ellivate’s (new!) four core principles to bring more intention to the process:

  • Self – Align your business with who you are as a human, and attain more fulfillment. Ground yourself in your Why, vision and root beliefs, embrace your natural feminine leadership strengths, and support yourself as the creator of your business.
  • Connection – At its core, business is about connecting, collaborating with and supporting other humans. Gain more clarity on your ideal audience, uncover more authentic sales and marketing strategies, and identify how you can better meet the needs of the people you most want to serve.
  • Harmonious SystemsYou should run your business (not the other way around!). Explore where you can simplify and outsource your processes, so you can spend more time in your zone of genius and run the business with more ease and grace.
  • Prosperity – Prosperity flows from the inside out when the previous three principles align. Gain clarity on your financial goals and identify where you can invest your resources more wisely to create more value and abundance for all.

EVOLVE 2021: Level Up will help you level up your business, so you can create higher levels of success and fulfillment on your own terms!

  • Uncover your vision of success for 2021, so you can get clear on what you really want for your business and your life.
  • Create a step-by-step plan to make your vision a reality, quarter by quarter.
  • Tap into the power of collaboration, so you can amplify your learning and growth.
  • Receive quarterly influsions of wisdom and guidance in each of Ellivate’s four core principles, so you can make meaningful change in your business from the inside out.
  • Authentically connect with your Ellivate sisters in an intimate Master Mind group every month, so you feel supported and challenged to grow through fear and discomfort.
  • Expand your mind to what’s possible, so you can unleash more creativity and fun through your business!

For only $497, you’ll receive unbelievable value (that others would offer for up to $10,000!!), including:

  • 1 full year of structured support
  • 4 quarterly themes to focus your progress in each of Ellivate’s core principles: Self, Connection, Harmonious Systems and Prosperity
  • 16 hours of learning with your full cohort, delivered in manageable infusions each quarter
  • 11 monthly sessions with an intimate Master Mind group, so you can apply what you’re learning throughout the year
  • 10 Ellivate Dream Teamers to lead with wisdom and guidance
  • Countless opportunities to connect with your Ellivate sisters

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When you sponsor EVOLVE 2021, you directly support our mission to bring the power of feminine leadership to business and the world. This is THE opportunity to showcase your business to your amazing Ellivate sisters who need your services!

Level up your business and your life in 2021 for just $497*!!

*We want you to feel confident in the investment you’re making in yourself and your business, so we also offer a pay-as-you-go plan for $149 per quarter.

The world needs us. It’s time to level up, sister. Let’s Ellivate together.