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Join the Alliance

Think the Ellivate Alliance could be a great fit for you? See our FAQs below on joining our tribe!

 WHO is the ideal candidate to join the Ellivate Alliance?

The Ellivate Alliance is an alliance of women entrepreneurs who want to maximize our positive impact in the world. We welcome women business owners who:

  • Are passionate about living their purpose and expanding their positive contributions in the world
  • Believe in the power of collaboration to elevate each of us to greater success and an expanded impact
  • Are looking for inspiration, practical know-how and a like-minded community to support themselves and their business
  • Want to simplify their lives by receiving education, coaching and access to high-quality resources in one easy place, at an affordable price

The Ellivate Alliance woman is usually seeking:

  • A place for the heart and mind to open up to possibility
  • A safe space for ideas, beliefs and dreams to grow into a thriving business
  • The support to stand boldly in her Truth (even if she is still learning what that truth is and how to apply it in her business!)
  • A sense of belonging that overcomes uncertainty and doubt

HOW do I join the Ellivate Alliance?

All prospective Ellivate Alliance members must attend an Ellivate Immersion experience before joining the Alliance (Note: Our next Ellivate Immersion hasn’t been scheduled yet, but is expected in Fall 2018). Ellivate Immersion provides our members  Thewith the foundation to thrive in our community and kickstart their growing businesses. We want prospective members to understand who we are, what we believe and how we experience the world, in addition to receiving some incredible content and making some fantastic connections! This allows you to evaluate whether the Alliance is the right fit for you at this time.

At the conclusion of an Ellivate Immersion experience, all attendees receive an invitation to join the Ellivate Alliance.

WHY join the Ellivate Alliance?

For a low monthly fee of only $25, Ellivate Alliance members receive access to the following benefits:

  • Membership in our private, online community, which includes:
    • Online Q&A with the Ellivate Alliance Dream Team
    • Monthly Office Hours with an Ellivate Alliance Dream Team expert in which you can receive support for any current challenges you’re facing in that meeting’s designated focus area
    • Monthly facilitated open forum virtual sessions in which you can connect with and receive support from the Dream Team and other Alliance members for any current questions or challenges you face
    • A marketplace where you can post asks of and offers to other members
    • An easy way to stay connected with other members
  • A listing in our online, public member directory
  • Special member pricing on products and services offered by Dream Team members and sponsors (members can find a current listing of these offers in our private, online community; prospective members can request this information by e-mailing

We are building an evolving community and look forward to customizing membership benefits over time in response to our members’ needs and our available resources. As a result, membership benefits are subject to change at any time. The above is the most current listing of membership benefits. Please share your feedback with us!

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Member Sign-up

Important Note: Please sign-up for membership only after you have completed an Ellivate Immersion. Your membership application will be reviewed upon receipt, and you will receive notification within 2 business days of submission. Thank you!